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Analysis of common faults of air compressor oil running and how to properly select air compressor oil

April 06, 2021

There are specific reasons for the oil running of the air compressor:

1. Pipeline oil leakage: check the pipeline for discharge failure.

2. Improper use of air pressure: For example, if you buy an 8kg air compressor, the actual air consumption is 5kg. During the operation of the air compressor, a one-time excess air supply occurs, and the oil leaks with the air;

3. Oil into the gas storage tank: Drain the gas storage tank to see if there is any oil mixed.

4, too much fuel, the air compressor will overflow during the work process.

5. Poor air compressor oil quality: low viscosity and poor filterability.

6. The failure of the minimum pressure valve caused the high temperature and pressure of the screw head, and the oil and gas mixture quickly passed through the oil separation core, causing oil running. Check for discharge failure.

Selection of air compressor oil

Select the type of air compressor oil according to the design type of compressor oil, environmental conditions, and operating load. In general, it is necessary to choose good anti-emulsification and less residual carbon. ° C

Under long-term high-temperature environment (30 ℃), synthetic oil can be selected; low-viscosity compressor oil can be used for high-speed water-cooled or low-pressure, small compression ratio compressors.

①Air-cooled piston shaft output power 20KW, select 32, 46, 100 viscosity air compressor oil;

② Water-cooled piston type uses 68 or 100 viscosity air compressor oil;

③Drop oil rotary type selection of 100, 150, 220 viscosity air compressor oil;

④Injection rotary type selects 32 viscosity air compressor oil.

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