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Combination of software and hardware, one-stop device loT management tool

Mushroom cloud box

Mushroom cloud box

The Internet of Things gateway can support all mainstream industrial equipment to connect to the Internet, including 485 bus, CAN bus and PROFIBUS protocol.

Mushroom cloud

Mushroom cloud

The cloud service platform is a cloud service system framework focused on the industrial field. It receives and processes the data of the mushroom cloud box. It has the characteristics of high stability, high security, and high concurrent support.

Mushroom circle

Mushroom circle

SaaS software: mobile APP + computer PC, mobile full life cycle management system of industrial equipment, and subdivided into different versions according to different users.

Combination of software and hardware, one-stop device loT management tool

Real-Time Monitoring

Real-Time Monitoring

A mobile phone monitors all equipment in the station

•Air compressor




•Waste heat recovery machine

Computer equipment operation data analysisComputer equipment operation data analysis

Connect to the control panel, remote alarm

Customized equipment warning conditions can be customized for different equipment and actual conditions on site

Equipment inspection record-maintenance file(Equipment inspection record-maintenance file)

Electronic maintenance file

Engineers can open the system at any time, historical maintenance records and inspections are in the corresponding equipment files, and the cloud storage, can be viewed at any time, and should not be lost.

Remote fault diagnosis and fast maintenance

Share real-time data of equipment with air compressor service providers to save and analyze various parameters. As usual

It can check the historical operation of each parameter to save maintenance time and reduce downtime.

Equipment historical data analysis(Equipment historical data analysis)

Energy management

One-stop collection of air compressors, meter flow meters, dryers and other equipment, automatically generates energy-saving reports.

Workshop equipment group testing(Workshop equipment group testing)

Equipment maintenance reminder(Equipment maintenance reminder)

Maintenance reminder

According to the operating hours of each device, set a maintenance countdown reminder (including all maintenance details: consumable life cycle, etc).

At the same time, remind service providers to come to the home to replace consumables and spare parts, effectively increasing the service life of equipment.

Interact with suppliers(Interact with suppliers)

Seamless connection with suppliers

Previous: Time was wasted on various phones. Will the newly purchased equipment be shipped? When will it be installed on site? Has the after-sales master set off? One thing can make several calls. Directly connect the person information and device information asymmetry.

Now: Share the equipment file with the supplier, send a message to remind the supplier after dispatching work, and evaluate the service after completion.

Mobile phone signing service ticket(Mobile phone signing service ticket)
Online service evaluation(Online service evaluation)

Evaluable feedback

Online work order signing and online evaluation of the supplier's services to ensure their own customer experience and service quality.

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