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Corporate Philosophy

Corporate Philosophy

Energy Saving to Enhance Value,Craftsmanship to Build the Future

Corporate Vision

Corporate Vision

Create a high-quality brand of energy-saving silent air compressor. With energy-saving and silent compressed air power as the core, we continue to explore, innovate and develop new technology power sources. Become a comprehensive high-end mechanical equipment manufacturing enterprise centered on talents and dominated by technological innovation.

Our Mission

Committed to providing clean, energy-saving and silent aerodynamic equipment to improve user experience and satisfaction. The sustainable development of users,employees, and enterprises reflects on the gratitude and rewards the society, and realizes outstanding life value and social value.

Corporate Values

Corporate Values

Dream Spirit

Piety, fine, strict, harmonious

Dream team

Respect, integrity, sharing, responsibility

Service philosophy

Professionalism, hard work, high efficiency, diversification

For more than a decade, Dream (Shanghai) Compressor Co., Ltd has been striving to become one of the leading manufacturers of compressed air solutions in China.

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