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Dream Compressor is currently expanding its distribution network through a flexible distribution agreement model

We Offer

High quality air compressors and air treatment equipment, air receiver tanks

Sales and marketing support

Technical guidance and support

Exclusive sales region

Outstanding service, clear communication and an excellent  reach-ability

Competitive factory prices

Are you interested in becoming a Dream Compressor dealer or distributor?

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Distribution Requirements


Air Compressor Selling experience


Legally registered Company with good reputation


Qualified sales and service team


Local Sales Network


Eager to be successful

Work Process

Work Process

We would like to sincerely commit ourselves in this partnership

We would like to sincerely commit ourselves in this partnership

1. Be your loyal ally in this growth journey

2.Get the job done with determination and excellence

3.Dedicated team to support your project

4.Be a very good team player to help you achieve your business goals

5.Solutions-driven with effective communications

6.Committed partner for a long-term business relationship in an amicable and responsible manner

For more than a decade, Dream (Shanghai) Compressor Co., Ltd has been striving to become one of the leading manufacturers of compressed air solutions in China.

Contact Us

Mob.: +86 134 8216 1490

E-mail: sales@dmcomp.com

Skype: +86 134 8216 1490

WhatsApp: +86 134 8216 1490

Add.: No.30 Caoli Road, Jinshan District, 201502 Shanghai, China

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