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Five Stars Services

Always practice the service tenet of "caring service, elaborate manufacturing, reasonable price, careful after-sales, and customer assured". Provide customers with a full range of services!
  • Survey Site Services
    Pre-sales technicians inspect the installation site, confirm the placement of the equipment, and communicate with customers to formulate installation and procurement plans.
  • Installation and commissioning services
    The technical staff went to the site to unpack and inspect the goods, and was responsible for installation and commissioning to ensure that the parameters of the air compressor run smoothly and safely!
  • Fast response service
    After the equipment is accepted, if the equipment runs abnormally during the warranty period, the technician will arrive at the scene within 24 hours and provide after-sales service.
  • Maintenance services
    Regular inspection and maintenance services to prevent malfunctions. To undertake the after-sales service of air compressors of any brand. Established manufacturers, after sales guarantee!
  • Retrofit service
    According to customer needs, recommend the best replacement services to create the best benefits for customers. Energy saving and emission reduction, Dream first!

Customer case

Thanks to all users, with your testimony and supervision, will continue to promote product research and development, and will continue to provide you with the best quality service.

Master core technology

Technology is the first productive force, and senior technical engineers acquire shares to master the core R & D technology and continue to provide you with the best products!
  • Air compressor

    Low maintenance costs

    Use industry-leading technology and superb design optimization to reduce product cost and increase efficiency
  • Air compressor

    Smart humanization

    Full intelligent microcomputer control system, real-time view data, truly unattended
  • Air compressor

    Multiple protection

    Full intelligent control, the unit has the functions of automatic fault diagnosis, display, alarm, multiple protection, etc.
  • Air compressor

    Intelligent PID control

    Prevent frequent changes in gas consumption, frequent loading and unloading of the system to extend the life of the system
  • Air compressor

    Constant pressure gas supply

    Use more and produce more, use less and produce less, stop immediately when not in use, soft start when available, and eliminate energy loss of useless work
  • Air compressor

    Centrifugal fan

    Frequency conversion control, automatically adjust the fan speed according to the exhaust temperature, low noise, 50% energy saving

  • Air compressor