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Do I need to drain water regularly during the use of the air compressor?

April 06, 2021

Recently, many users have asked about the need for regular drainage during the use of air compressors.

Answer: Regular drainage is required. Even oil-free air compressors require regular drainage.


1. The air itself contains water (especially wet and rainy weather). In the process of air compression by the air compressor, the water molecules in the air will also be compressed. The long-term compression and accumulation of water molecules will increase, so it needs Drain regularly. In an extremely cold environment, the moisture in the air line will be frozen without being discharged, causing the air compressor to fail to operate normally.

2. The internal moisture of the screw air compressor is not discharged for a long time, and the lubricating oil will be emulsified by the moisture. In severe cases, it will also cause the air compressor to freeze.

3. The external pipeline of the screw air compressor contains moisture, which will corrode the relevant parts and scale of the air compressor for a long time. The meter will also be blocked due to moisture, and the control valve will become stuck due to moisture.

4. The air in the air tank contains water molecules.

How does the air compressor drain water?

1. Generally, a dryer or a cold dryer is installed.

2. Drain valve will be installed behind the cooler.

3. Add a drain valve to the lowest part of the gas storage tank.

4. Install a drain valve at the lowest point of the air compressor pipeline.

5. In special cases, open the manual drain valve to drain water.

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