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Integrated Screw Air Compressor with Tank and Air Dyer

Model:DM(V)-SAT Series; Brand: Dream

Rated Power: 5.5~22KW

Air Capacity: 0.48~3.8m³/min

Working Pressure: 0.8~1.6MPa

Product Features

■ Fast and convenient, comes with gas storage tank, cold dryer, filter, no need to connect any pipelines to provide you with clean compressed air;

■ Space-saving and compact compressor system;

■ Durable, efficient and stable air end

■ Integrated cooler integrates oil cooling and after cooling;

■ Cyclone internal and external oil separator barrel design to reduce air oil content;

■ Winding oil separator design, low-pressure loss, long life, reduce your maintenance cost;

■ IE3 motor, save your electricity cost;

■ IP54, Class B temperature rise motor is suitable for harsh environments such as with bad dust and high temperature;

■ Permanent lubrication of the front and rear bearings of the motor;

■ High-temperature shutdown protection;

■ Motor overload protection;

■ Overpressure safety decompression system;

■ Optimize the shock-absorbing pad to reduce vibration and noise;

■ Place electrical components and oil separator and filtration modules that are easily damaged by high temperature in the cold room, which improves the service life of the unit.

Optional zero gas consumption intelligent drain


1.Electrical parts:

Flame retardant ABS material

IP65 protection grade

High-quality chips / components

2.Valve diaphragm

Designed according to the characteristics of compressed air drainage, it is not easy to break and has good durability

The electromagnetic valve

Stainless steel core, piston structure, strong fatigue resistance

3.liquid level sensor

Sensing liquid level without direct contact with liquid

Stable and reliable, long-term use

4.Inlet filtration

Large particles of impurities are blocked in the chamber, and the failure rate is greatly reduced

Large filter chamber with a larger diameter filter plate

Stainless steel filter plate pull-out design, convenient maintenance

Standard check ball valve

Just turn on repeatedly to remove impurities

Durable, efficient and stable air end

Durable, efficient and stable air end

1. The design idea of "large rotor, large bearing, low speed" is adopted to reduce noise and vibration and increase the life and stability of the host.

2. The tooth surface is processed by the German KAPP rotor grinder to create a high-precision rotor, which is the first guarantee of high efficiency and stability of the air end.

3. Adopt a new type of 5: 6 asymmetric rotor tooth shape, high-precision three-coordinate measuring machine for comprehensive measurement, increase the air capacity by 5% -10%

4. All imported quality bearings are used.

Specialized  motor for air compressor

Specialized motor for air compressor

1. Large starting torque

2. Specialized motor for air compressor, imported quality bearings;

3. IE3 high energy efficiency motor, reduce your using cost

4. Motor design is designed according to 1.2 coefficient;

5. Protection grade IP54, insulation grade F.

6. Permanent lubrication of the front and rear bearings of the motor without adding grease

Permanent magnetic synchronous motor

Permanent magnetic synchronous motor

1. IP65 protection level, more stable and reliable than IP23 in harsh environments;

2. Oil-cooled design, use lubricating oil to cool the motor, the operating temperature of the motor is more stable, the life is longer, there is no motor axial fan, so there is no loss of energy efficiency of the axial fan;

3. Coaxial design with the main rotor of the air end, without coupling, loss of energy efficiency of the gearbox;

4. Using 38UH magnetic steel material, temperature resistance 180 ℃

Customized vector inverter

Customized vector inverter

1. Professional customization, perfect match with motor;

2. Fully monitor the parameters of the motor, including the motor temperature, to reduce the risk of the high temperature of the motor;

3. Independent air duct design, strong environmental adaptability;

4. Quick response, the response time is less than 50mS

5. Large low frequency torque, can output 180% rated torque;

Inner rotor fan

Inner rotor fan

1. IP44 cooling fan, Class F insulation;

2. Compared with the outer rotor fan, the inner rotor fan has higher air pressure, more air volume, and better cooling effect;

3. Due to high wind pressure, the cooler and filter are less likely to be blocked

Three filters

Three filters

Air filter: the filter area exceeds 150% of the normal requirement, low the inlet pressure loss , and high energy efficiency ;

Oil filter: The design of the imported oil filter with enlarged glass fiber material is adopted. The rated processing capacity of the oil filter is ≥1.3 times of the circulating oil volume. The filtering accuracy is high and the durability is good.

Oil separator: imported glass fiber material oil core, good filtration effect, low oil core pressure loss.

Inlet valve

Inlet valve

Inlet valve: low flow speed test, low pressure loss, reduce energy consumption;

Minimum pressure check valve: low pressure loss, precise control, ultra-fast repositioning to ensure that the user's air does not return.

Temperature control valve: Mixed flow temperature control valve: The unit is equipped with a mixed flow temperature control valve to ensure that the unit is more convenient to start in a low temperature environment, and to ensure the unit is in the best performance state by controlling the oil supply temperature of the air end

High temperature refrigerated air dryer

High temperature refrigerated air dryer

Reverse reflux heat exchange method is adopted, which is more energy-saving and stable than ordinary forward flow method;

Models above 13 bar use more efficient and high pressure resistant rustless steel plate heat exchangers.

The air-liquid separation efficiency reaches more than 99%;

The pressure dew point can be as low as 3 ℃

Inlet air temperature can be as high as 80 ℃



The piston-type filter core is sealed with the housing to prevent unfiltered air from bypassing the filter;

The new rectangular mixed fiber medium has a large effective area, improves the filtration rate, has a large open area, and minimizes pressure drop

The film-coated closed foam sleeve is resistant to oil and acid corrosion and prevents coalescing liquid from re-mixing into the airflow

Models above 13bar with differential pressure display;

Automatic drain valve

Automatic drain valve

The electronic automatic drain valve is more stable than the floating ball automatic drain valve and is not easy to block (the floating ball automatic drain valve is very easy to block due to the problem of the drain hole)





  • 1. Can it be moved?


    The standard model is not equipped with wheels, and the universal wheel mounting holes are reserved. Please contact the sales manager for special requirements.

  • 2. Does the filter element need to be replaced?


    Air filter, oil filter, oil separation core, lubricating oil, motor grease, belt are the routine maintenance parts of air compressors, which need to be replaced on time; the dust on the filter needs to be cleaned regularly during use.

  • 3. Is there an automatic drain?


    Our SAT integrated machine has been installed with an electronic automatic drain valve.

  • 4. Advantages with conventional machines


    All pipelines have been connected, and customers can install and use them immediately, eliminating the need for on-site installation.

  • 5. Comparison with split full set price


    Please contact our sales engineer, she will give you an accurate quotation.

  • 6. Filter accuracy, pressure dew point


    The conventional integrated machine is equipped with DQ and DP filters, and the pressure dew point of the refrigeration dryer is 2~10 ℃. 16bar all-in-one machine is equipped with four filters DQ, DP, DS, DA

  • 7. Can the volume of the gas storage tank be changed?


    The standard model gas tank volume has been finalized, if you have any special requirements, please contact our sales manager.

  • 8. Dimensions, noise issues


    Please refer to our product catalog for the external dimensions and other related parameters of this series of models.

  • 9. Can I bring a suction dryer?


    Yes, please contact our sales manager for specific requirements

  • 10. Is the oil content high? Will the 16 kg cutting machine leak oil?


    The oil content standard of our machine is ≤3PPM. Dream's dedicated laser cutting all-in-one machine is widely used in the laser cutting industry and has received high praise from users.

  • 11. What is the difference between the 16 kg head of the full performance all-in-one machine and the conventional 8 kg main machine?


    There is a difference, we use a 16bar dedicated high-performance air end for the 16bar unit.

  • 12. Is the number of head bearings fixed? Is it related to the air end?


    The specifications and quantity of bearings used by each model are designed and selected according to the characteristics of the model.

  • 13. Can the 16 kg full-performance all-in-one machine be directly used with a laser cutting machine without additional post-processing?


    16bar unit is equipped with DP, DQ, DS, DA four-stage filtration and refrigeration dryer as standard.

  • 14. Full-performance all-in-one machine 16 kg with laser cutting machine Why does the customer feedback that the lens still has water and oil stains?


    1. The exhaust oil content of the unit is ≤3ppm, and post-processing equipment is required.
    2. The unit and post-processing equipment need to be maintained on time with our genuine accessories;

  • 15. What is the cutting limit of the full-performance all-in-one machine 16 kg with a laser cutting machine? What is the cutting limit of different materials for a 16 kg full-performance all-in-one machine?


    The cutting material and requirements and the laser cutting machine model will all have an impact on the cutting thickness.

  • 16. If you don’t add a suction dryer and only add a cold dryer, there will be no more water?


    The exhaust pressure dew point of the refrigeration dryer is 2~10 degrees. You can confirm whether the dryer is equipped according to the requirements of use.

  • 17. Does the integrated tank machine have a filter, how many?


    The conventional integrated machine is equipped with DQ and DP filters, and the pressure dew point of the refrigeration dryer is 2~10 ℃. 16bar all-in-one machine is equipped with four filters: DQ, DP, DS, DA

  • 18. Why is so much more expensive than the split body?


    The all-in-one machine has been equipped with gas storage tanks, filters, and refrigeration dryers, and the unit can be used without installation after it arrives on site.

  • 19. What is the energy efficiency rating and specific power of your machine?


    We test according to the GE19153-2019 standard and leave the factory after passing the test.

  • 20. Are you single screw or twin screw?


    We are micro-oil twin screw air compressors.

  • 21. What are the advantages of 25 three-in-one screw compressors


    All pipelines have been connected, and customers can install and use them immediately, eliminating the need for on-site installation.

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