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9 Reasons for Insufficient or Stopped Air Supply of Piston Air Compressor

April 06, 2021

Recently, some customers have consulted the use of piston air compressors.

Dream Air Compressor summarizes the reasons why the piston air compressor can't get air or air.

(1) The air compressor cannot reach the rated speed, such as: the drive belt slips.

(2) The valve disc is deformed, unevenly worn, or the contact surface is dirty; the backing ring between the valve seat and the valve hole is loose.

(3) The spring in the valve is loose or the spring fails.

(4) The cylinder and piston ring are too worn, and the piston rings are stuck, broken or the joints go together.

(5) Check the air filter and air valve channels to discharge impurities and carbon deposits.

(6) Air leakage in the pipeline.

(7) The loading and unloading solenoid valve is broken, and the air compressor is not loaded.

(8) The two one-way valves on the top of the compressor block have poor sealing performance.

(9) The cooling performance of the cylinder is poor.

For the above reasons, please check step by step, or close the ball valve behind the air tank, calculate the time for the air compressor to fill the air tank, and check whether the air compressor works normally.

The calculation method is: t = {set load (rated pressure) + 1} × volume of gas tank ÷ air compressor exhaust. When the storage tank is full, if the measurement time and the calculation time are not significantly different, the air compressor is considered to be working normally.

Piston air compressors are widely used in medical, hyperbaric oxygen chambers, pharmaceuticals, food and beverage processing, post and telecommunications, petrochemicals, electronic pneumatic instruments, paint spraying and sandblasting, powder and granular gas transportation, air agitation, film photosensitive, construction engineering , Materials and other industries

Dream silent oil-free piston air compressor features

1. Wide applicable pressure range: The piston compressor can be designed into low pressure, medium pressure, high pressure and ultra high pressure according to different working conditions. At constant speed, when the exhaust pressure fluctuates, the displacement of the piston compressor can be kept substantially unchanged.

2. High compression efficiency: The process of compressing gas by a piston compressor is a closed system, and its compression efficiency is high.

3. Strong adaptability: Piston compressors have a wide range of exhaust volume. A slight modification of a piston compressor of the same specification can be used to compress other gaseous media, and the range of use is wide.

4. Simple structure: easy to move, operate and maintain.

For more than a decade, Dream (Shanghai) Compressor Co., Ltd has been striving to become one of the leading manufacturers of compressed air solutions in China.

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