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01 - Warranty

Screw air compressor

12 months for the whole machine, 18 months for the air end (the air end refers to the head of important components) from the date of shipment to pur-chaser, except for consumable parts (coolant, air filter, oil filter, oil separator core, rubber products)

Piston air compressor

12 months for the whole machine from the date of shipment to purchaser , except for wearing parts (lubricant, piston ring, piston, valve plate, air filter element, rubber product).

After treatment equipment

12 months for the whole machine from the date of shipment to purchaser, except for consumable parts (refrigerant, adsorbent, rubber products).

02 - Installation and Commissioning

Dream Air Compressor is an industrial general equipment, the installation is not complicated, according to the customer's site conditions and requirements, Dream installation engineers or local authorized service center will work closely with you to provide the necessary information and help in various efficient ways to ensure that your equipment is installed and commissioned safely and successfully.

What will Dream Compressor provide to customers

Equipment technical specifications

Equipment installation guide

Equipment operation manual

Video of How to test and run your air compressor

Video of how to install your air compressor system

Spare parts manual

Equipment operation manual

Regular Maintenance Schedule

Piping and Connections

Piping and Connections

All Dream air compressor units are packed into boxes and can be put into use after disassembly. the connecting pipes and cables are not included in the Dream air compressor unit.

If the customers want to buy pipe connections for air transmission, high-pressure hoses, and energy-saving hoses will be available to our customers to select, the price would be following the Dream compressor standard price list of the parts and accessories.

03 - Spare parts

- Dream Compressor and local distributors or dealers guarantee to provide all necessary related original spare parts (consumable parts, wearing parts, and key components), in order to help support our customers repairing and maintaining their' equipment in time.

- We recommend that customers always store enough easy-wearing parts and consumable spare parts in order to minimize system downtime and subsequent production losses.

- A list of consumables and wearing parts for (half a year / 1 year / 2 years) will be provided to customers.

- Air compressor oil is excluded in the list, Dream will provide the customer with the oil type for being available to purchase locally.

Regular Maintenance Schedule of Dream Air compressor( DM-G)
ItemMaintenance content500hours1500hours2000hours3000hours6000hours8000hours12000hoursRemarks
Oil levelCheck

(500hours is the first maintenance. then regular maintenance to be performed every 1500h/ 2000h/ 3000h/ 6000h/ 8000h/ 12000h )
Inlet connection hoseCheck/Replace

Pipe jointCheck for leaks


Cooling fanClean

Electromagnetic switch contactClean

Belt / PulleyCheck/Replace

Air filterReplace

Oil filterReplace

Oil separation coreReplace

lubricating oilReplace



Association relief solenoid valveReplace

Pressure SensorReplace

Temperature SensorReplace

Oil seal assemblyReplace

Intake valveReplace

04 - Technical Support

Dream technicians or local authorized service centers also can provide on-site services, and provide customers with detailed service reports. Please contact Dream Compressor to request a service quote.

Air compressor Failure Report and Repair Process

Response Time:We promise to get back to you within 8-24 hours      Service Hotline:whatsapp / skype / wechat: +86 134 8216 1490

1. Through various effective communication channels, the cause of failure, maintenance measures, and required accessories are analyzed according to the failure facts and data collected and reported by the customer. Use customer inventory consumables and wearing parts to quickly resolve customer problems.

2. Quickly determine whether this fault can be repaired on-site. If it cannot be solved locally, Dream Compressor will send parts from China or send engineers to the customer site to solve the problem. The cost needs to be borne by the customer.

Handling Process

Step 1: If the customer’s machine breakdown in oversea, please contact the Dream International Sales Department as soon as possible and to fill in the repair service application form. The international sales department provides the worksheet to Dream after-sales maintenance engineers to work on the customer's case.

First of all, it is necessary to clarify and ensure the accuracy of oversea customer information, then customer information includes customer name, address, contact phone number, product brand, product model, date of purchase, date of manufacture, Fault conditions, customer requirements, etc. If the above information is not detailed, it can be verified in the company's customer file.

Step 2: The maintenance engineer judges the cause of the problem based on the problems fed back from the scene (when the problem is judged, the customer ’s on-site personnel may be required to provide on-site information via photos, videos, and the customer ’s on-site personnel are required to do some work), factory maintenance engineers and local office service technicians jointly solve machine problems.

Step 3: According to the status of the equipment, the Dream maintenance engineer guides the relevant personnel of the customer to troubleshoot and handle the problem through various effective and fast communication methods. If you need to replace parts or accessories, it can be divided into three categories:  Improper personnel operation, environmental factors, or equipment failures.

Customer needs to purchase spare parts for repair if the machine shutdown is caused by improper operation and environmental factors.

Dream provides the original spare parts during the warranty period if the machine has a quality issue.

Step 4: The Dream maintenance engineer should ensure that the customer’s machine to be repaired properly, and re-inspect the maintenance, and eliminate other hidden troubles together. Follow-up calls will be made after 24 hours to ensure that the machine operation returns to normal.

Service Charging Policy

1. The charges for engineers to go to overseas customer sites: we charge 100 USD per person per day based on the different rates of countries. The customer also has to bear the engineer ’s travel expenses (such as airfare, transportation, accommodation, food, etc.)

2.If you need to replace parts or accessories, Dream Compressor's spare parts price list and service policies should be followed. And a receipt or invoice should be issued to the customer.

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