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Oil Free Water Lubricated Permanent Magnetic Variable Speed Screw Air Compressor

Model: DMWV-G Series; Brand: Dream

Rated Power: 7.5~250KW

Air Capacity: 0.5~43.0m³/min

Working Pressure: 0.7~1.0MPa

Product Features

■ Stable and reliable air end, water lubricated, 100% oil-free, quality assurance.

■ IE3 motor, save your electricity cost, IP54, B-level temperature rise is suitable for harsh environments such as large dust and high temperature;

■ Coupling connection, more energy saving;

■ Multiple noise reduction design, calculated according to noise theory, with special flame retardant muffler cotton inside, to reduce the noise of the unit and provide a quieter use environment.

■ Multi-function inlet valve group, start without load, motor load is small. Use high-efficiency filters to effectively filter particulates in the air;

■ Axial fan with tube-fin cooler has high wind pressure and low noise. It is exhausted upward through a specially designed air duct to prevent hot air from returning;

■ Modular design of water cooler, vertical installation, high heat exchange efficiency, stable operation and long service life;

■ Optimized shock absorption pad to reduce vibration and noise;

■ Routine maintenance parts adopt openable door panels, the installation position is easy to replace, and maintenance is more convenient.

■ Motor overload protection.

■ The pipeline system is designed according to the design pressure, and the reasonable pipeline is selected, the pipeline pressure loss is low, and the energy efficiency of the unit is improved

■ The use of 304 stainless steel pipes will not rust and corrode even under high temperature and humidity conditions, and the service life is longer

■ Separate design for cold and hot zone, no heat zone inside the unit, electrical components are in low temperature zone, longer service life

■ Adopt frequency conversion system, more energy-saving, special control system, multi-channel pressure sensor and multi-channel temperature sensor to comprehensively detect the running state of the unit; the user interface is more friendly, the control is more accurate and reliable.

Water-lubricated screw air end

Water-lubricated screw air end

1. High-quality stainless steel casing, there is no risk of corrosion inside and outside the machine head

2. Using water as the compression seal and cooling medium, the use cost is low.

3. With advanced sealing and isolation technology, compressed air is cleaner and can be pure and oil-free.

4. The axial and radial forces of the single screw are balanced, and the star wheel rotates freely with the screw under the lubrication of the water film. Therefore, the host components run smoothly under low load, ensuring low noise and durability.

Permanent magnet synchronous motor

Permanent magnet synchronous motor

1. IP54 protection level, more stable and reliable than IP23 in harsh environments.

2. Low temperature rise design, motor temperature rise is less than 60K, higher efficiency, extending the service life of the motor.

3. Use ceramic-plated bearings to completely eliminate the impact of shaft current on the bearings.

4. It is made of rare-earth permanent magnet materials, with large torque during starting and running, and low current during starting and running.

5. Reasonable magnetic field design, magnetic density distribution, energy-saving motor has a wider working frequency range and low operating noise.

6. Cooperate with the operation of the frequency converter to realize the frequency conversion soft start, avoid the strong mechanical impact of the machine and equipment when the motor is started at full voltage, which is beneficial to protect the mechanical equipment, reduce equipment maintenance, and improve the reliability of the equipment.

High-quality and efficient coupling

High-quality and efficient coupling

1. The coupling is a torsionally elastic coupling with failure protection function, which can effectively damp and reduce the vibration and shock generated during the operation.

2. The elastic body is only under pressure and can withstand greater loads. The drum-shaped teeth of the elastic body can avoid stress concentration.

Advanced and reliable electronic control system

Advanced and reliable electronic control system

1. Large-size color LCD touch screen, with a good man-machine communication interface, the touch screen has functions of preventing accidental touch and sleep.

2. Customized vector frequency converter, perfectly matched with the motor, low frequency and large torque, can output 180% of rated torque;

3. Special program, fully monitor the parameters of the machine, automatically control the state of the machine, no need for special care.

4. Independent air duct design, applicable to various working conditions.

Internal rotor fan

Internal rotor fan

1. IP44 cooling fan, Class F insulation;

2. Compared with the outer rotor fan, the inner rotor fan has higher air pressure, more air volume and better cooling effect;

3. Due to high wind pressure, the cooler and filter are less likely to be blocked

Plate cooler (for water cooling)

Plate cooler (for water cooling)

1. It is made of stacked metal sheets with a certain corrugated shape. The material is corrosion-resistant, easy to clean, and has a long service life.

2. Unit volume, large heat exchange area, high heat exchange efficiency.

3. Compact structure, light weight and small footprint.

Advanced and reliable electronic control system

Advanced and reliable electronic control system

1. Intelligent control system, with a good human-machine communication interface; high-quality electrical components are selected, and contactors are imported brands.

2. Special program, with multi-channel pressure sensor and multi-channel temperature sensor, comprehensive detection of the running state of the unit, automatic control of the machine state, no need for special care

3. Emergency stop function, there is a push-type emergency stop switch in a prominent position of the unit, which can be immediately stopped in an emergency.

4. Independent air duct design, applicable to various working conditions.

Inlet valve

Inlet valve

Inlet valve: The valve body is made of corrosion-resistant material, suitable for various environments, and has a long service life; heavy hammer structure, accurate and rapid air volume control, low pressure loss; high integration, no wearing parts, simple maintenance and convenient adjustment.

Minimum pressure maintenance valve: The valve body is made of corrosion-resistant material, low pressure loss, precise control, ultra-fast seat, to ensure that the user gas does not return.

Ion exchange water softener

Ion exchange water softener

1. Fully automatic control of operation and regeneration operation process without manual operation.

2. Use ion exchange resin to reduce the hardness of raw water, to achieve the purpose of softening hard water, avoid scaling and protect the system.

3. The exchange resin is renewable and the use cost is low.


Water lubricated seriesWorking pressureCapacityPowerNoiseAir outlet pipe diameterNet weightDimensions(mm)



































Cooling method: (Air cooling:DMWV-22G~DMWV-45G)、(Water cooling: DMWV-55G~DMWV-250G)




  • 1. Requirements for using lubricating water (after-sales service)


    Pure water must be used to ensure that the water is pure.

  • 2. How to add lubricating water?


    When the water inlet of the equipment is connected to the water pipe, the equipment will automatically replenish water if there is a certain water pressure.

  • 3. Do I need to change the lubricant during maintenance?


    Water lubrication equipment does not need to add lubricating oil, it is lubricating water instead of lubricating oil

  • 4. Does the equipment have an oil separation core?


    Water lubrication equipment does not require an oil separation core.

  • 5. How to add water to replenish water?


    Automatically control water replenishment

  • 6. What to do if there is water shortage?


    The equipment will automatically add lubricating water according to the water level

  • 7. What are the maintenance supplies?


    Air filter, water filter

  • 8. Is it guaranteed to be oil-free? (Sales)


    Dream’s oil-free units have been certified by Guotong Rheinland and have a Class0 certificate

  • 9. Can tap water be used?


    The water requirement for water-lubricated oil-free units is soft water. For specific water quality requirements, see the manual

  • 10. Will it rust?


    All materials in contact with water are made of stainless steel and will not rust

  • 11. Can it be made of stainless steel?


    All materials in contact with water are stainless steel

  • 12. What material is the casing of the air compressor?


    Cold rolled steel sheet

  • 13. Can the water tank be omitted?


    The unit needs to automatically replenish and drain water according to the status, and need to be equipped with a water tank

  • 14. Is the air coming out with a lot of water?


    The exhaust temperature of the unit is about 50℃, and the gas needs to be dried by post-processing equipment

  • 15. Can the tap water be directly connected?


    The water requirement for water-lubricated oil-free units is soft water. For specific water quality requirements, see the manual

  • 16. What should I do if it freezes outdoors in winter?


    The screw air compressor is required to be placed in the air compressor room. Please follow the instructions for long-term downtime

  • 17. If the air compressor is placed outdoors, how to avoid freezing in winter?


    The screw air compressor is required to be placed in the air compressor room. Please follow the instructions for long-term downtime

  • 18. Motor cooling method


    Air-cooled motor

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