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Model: 【Model: DHV-G series】

Brand: Dream

Rated Power: 11 ~ 55KW

Air Capacity: 1.76 ~ 10.6 M³ / min

Working Pressure: 0.8Mpa

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DHV-G series air compressor parameters        
DHV-11G0.80.48-1.761157±3G1280870 * 600 * 1230
DHV-15G0.80.61-2.441558±3G1290870 * 600 * 1230
DHV-22G0.80.93-3.712259±3G1320870 * 600 * 1230
DHV-37G0.81.71-6.853762±3G11/24671040 * 720 * 1400
DHV-55G0.82.65-10.65565±3G26201860 * 1180 * 1360

Product features: 1. IP65 oil-cooled permanent magnet synchronous motor is integrally connected with the air end, with high transmission efficiency and durability. 2. Double frequency conversion of air end and fan, which can save more than 30% energy than ordinary power frequency air compressor. 3. Compact structure, small machine and small footprint. Easy maintenance, maintenance can be done by opening the door. 4. Separation of hot and cold areas, air filter for air conditioning, cooling air inlet and compressor unit air inlet are independent of each other. 5. Multi-wing centrifugal fan, high wind pressure, fast heat dissipation, noise 20dBA lower than ordinary screw; 6. The product meets the national GB19153-2009 first-level energy efficiency standard. 7. The standard temperature control valve with the most classic sliding three-way structure can effectively avoid the change of discharge temperature. The mixed-flow structure is used to effectively prevent the phenomenon of starting oil temperature rising and the machine being stuck due to lack of oil when the machine is started. 8. Control and electrical system: bilingual (Chinese / English will be available), the joint control of up to 16 machines and supporting post-processing can be realized effectively. 9. The oil content of the air directly compressed by the compressor is less than or equal to 3PPM, and after being processed by the high-efficiency oil separator is not more than 0.01PPM, which is convenient for disassembly and assembly, and convenient for maintenance. 10. Regulated output, fluctuation range≤ ± 0.01Mpa. 11. High temperature shutdown protection. 12. Overpressure safety decompression system.