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Textile Mining Oil&Gas

Textile industry, suitable for all textile applications. Such as fiber material transportation, rubber roller pressurization, mobile station, jet air processing, jet automatic control technology, cleaning parts, air-jet weaving, spinning, including ring spinning, open spinning and air-jet spinning, man-made fibers Processing, including POY and FDY, weaving, winding and dyeing of non-woven fabrics, pneumatic conveying of PET chips, sewage treatment, etc. Air jet looms used for weaving cloth require dry and oil-free compressed air. In the production process, the fine nozzle will blow compressed air onto the line to form a vortex, thereby giving the yarn shape, elasticity and elasticity. The pure compressed air provided by the oil-free screw air compressor can ensure the quality of the finished fabric. The oil particles in the compressed air will pollute the fabric, produce defects, and stick to the nozzle outlet, affect the nozzle jet force and jet flow trajectory, reduce the weft insertion effect, and worsen the weft insertion. The adhesion of oil particles to the weft insertion will increase defects, and the diffusion of oil particles in the air of the production workshop will pollute the environment and endanger the health of workers.

In the electronic semiconductor industry, high-purity electronic gas is an indispensable basic support source material for the development of integrated circuits, optoelectronics, microelectronics, especially ultra-large-scale integrated circuits, liquid crystal display devices, semiconductor light-emitting devices and semiconductor materials in the manufacturing process. The required common electron gas includes nitrogen, oxygen, argon, hydrogen, etc., as a carrier and protective gas.

In the petrochemical industry,  the oil refining unit is the "leading", providing cracking raw materials for petrochemical units, such as light oil and diesel, and producing petrochemical products; cracking units producing basic petrochemical raw materials such as ethylene, propylene, benzene, and xylene. An air compressor is required for the decomposition process. Fertilizer ammonia, urea, nitric acid, refinery MTBE, FCC, natural gas synthetic oil GTL, coal to oil CTL, coal to methanol CTM, natural gas to aromatics PTA, phenol, caprolactam, Maleic Andrehyde, synthesis gas hydrogen, carbon monoxide, ethylene/propylene, Polyethylene/polypropylene, propane dehydrogenation, from traditional fields such as ethylene and propylene to emerging applications such as fertilizer production.

In the automotive spray industry, applications in the automotive industry include obtaining high-quality instrument air sources at a lower cost, and compressed air for automotive assembly automatic machinery and pneumatic tools. Placement, vacuum is generated by compressed air, and there is no need to configure separate equipment on the production line. Auto spray paint, compressed air used for multi-layer paint spraying of automobiles, and silicon-free air used for water-based car paint. In the automobile spraying industry, impure gas is often Cause inferior coating. In automobile spraying air, if the compressed air contains oil, some scattered or concentrated small bumps appear on the surface of the coating. These blisters are generally generated in a certain coating under the topcoat. The blisters are caused by water vapor or under the coating. Caused by pollutants. In addition, oil-containing compressed air may also cause small dot-like pits on the surface of the wet coating, forming crater-like silicon pits. The substrate is sometimes visible at the bottom of the pit, commonly known as fish eyes. Now the automotive spraying industry has begun to use oil-free air compressors to prepare pure gas for spraying.

In the mining industry, there are many large-scale equipment used in mining projects, such as centrifugal concentrators, magnetic separators, ore flotation machines, rock drills, and pneumatic equipment. As the second largest power source today, compressed air is mostly used to power mining equipment. MEGA AIR has decades of experience in compressors in the mining industry, and we have been manufacturing equipment for the mining industry. With oil-injected air compressors and oil-free air compressors suitable for various mining applications, we can help you maximize operating efficiency and profit. Mining industry applications include: geological exploration, open and underground mining and ore processing procedures, tunnel excavation and excavation, patio drilling, pumice cleaning, bolt support, grouting, concrete injection, mining drilling and slag blowing, explosive filling, blasting , Mud pump operation, crushing, ventilation, tire inflation, refuge air, workshop maintenance air, paste filling station, drainage, crushing, pneumatic conveying, granulation, filter press, heap leaching, sintering, screening, loading And transportation. Refining: smelting, refining, coke oven gas recovery, iron direct reduction, flue gas desulfurization, power generation, sewage treatment, instrument gas, utility gas, process air, and ore dressing. A large amount of low-pressure air used in mineral processing applications and medium-pressure air used to drive filter presses or run pneumatic control devices. Pneumatic conveying: The air pressure is between 0.5 Bar (7.5 psig) and 4.0 Bar (60 psig) for sparse or dilute phase conveying. Filter press: a high-efficiency filter press used to save water. Reliable, energy-efficient compressed air with pressures up to 13 Bar (195 psig). Heap leaching: With comprehensive low-pressure technology, oxygen is stably supplied to ensure that bacteria maintain the best growth state and activity. Crushing and screening: The certified zero-stage oil-free screw compressor can extend the service life of the filter cloth, reduce maintenance costs and extend the normal operating time of the bag filter. Float beneficiation: multi-stage centrifugal and oil-free screw blowers, reliable and energy-saving, and the pressure is usually less than 1.5 Bar. Oxygen and nitrogen are used for refining.

PET Bottle Blowing Machines

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