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Diesel Portable Screw Air Compressor(8-35 bar)

Model: DMCY Series; Brand: Dream

Rated Power: 55~560KW

Air Capacity: 6~43m³/min

Working Pressure: 0.8~3.5MP

Product Features

DMCY portable diesel air compressor

Features of diesel portable screw air compressor:

1. Air end: Patented large-diameter rotor design. The air end and diesel engine are directly connected through a high-elasticity coupling. There is no speed-increasing gear in the middle. The speed of the air end is the same as that of the diesel engine.

2. Diesel engine: select domestic and foreign nameplate diesel engines such as Cummins, Yuchai, etc., which meet the national II emission requirements, strong power, low fuel consumption, a nationwide after-sales service system, users can get fast and perfect service.

3. Simple and reliable air volume control system

According to the air consumption, the air volume is automatically adjusted from 0-100%, and the throttle of the diesel engine is automatically adjusted at the same time to save diesel to the greatest extent.

4. Microcomputer can only monitor

The microcomputer can only monitor the operating parameters of the air compressor exhaust pressure, exhaust temperature, diesel engine speed, oil pressure, water temperature, mailbox level, etc. It has automatic alarm and shutdown protection functions.

5. Multi-stage air filter

Suitable for dusty working environment; multi-stage fuel filter, suitable for domestic oil quality status; super-large oil-water cooler, suitable for high temperature and plateau environment.

6. Spacious maintenance door

The parts to be maintained are all within reach, and maintenance of air filters, oil filters, fuel tanks, batteries and oil coolers is convenient and easy, reducing downtime.

7. Easy to move

It can still move flexibly under harsh terrain conditions. Each compressor is equipped with a lifting ring for safe and convenient lifting and transportation.

This is because the screw compressor has the following main advantages:

1. High reliability: The compressor has few parts and no wearing parts, so it operates reliably and has a long service life. The interval between overhauls can reach 40,000-80,000 hours.

2. Convenient operation and maintenance: the degree of automation is high, and the operator does not have to undergo long-term professional training, and can realize unattended operation.

3. Good power balance: no unbalanced inertial force, smooth high-speed operation, and baseless operation, especially suitable for mobile compressors, small size, light weight, and small footprint.

4. Strong adaptability: It has the characteristics of forced gas transmission, the volume flow is almost not affected by the exhaust pressure, and can maintain high efficiency in a wide speed range.

5. Each basic model can be changed into a series of products with different air capacity and different discharge pressure according to user needs.


Pressure(MPA)Air Capacity(m3/min)
DMCY 5-1275HP1.25.1
DMCY 6-875HP1.36
DMCY 6.2-767HP0.86.2
DMCY 6.2-12125HP1.26
DMCY 8-12125HP1.26
DMCY 9-8120HP1.39
DMCY 12-10160HP1.312
DMCY 11-14.5160HP1.4511
DMCY 11-14.5K160HP1.4511
DMCY 15-13180HP1.315
DMCY 15-14.5180HP1.4515
DMCY 15-14.5K180HP1.4515
DMCY 16-15220HP1.516
DMCY 16-17260HP1.716
DMCY 16-17K260HP1.716
DMCY 19-14.5K260HP1.4519
DMCY 21-20310HP221

Pressure(MPA)Air Capacity(m3/min)
DMCY 6-775HP0.76
DMCY 7.5-775HP0.77.5
DMCY 9-7120HP0.79
DMCY 12-10K160HP112
DMCY 12-10160HP112
DMCY 10-13160HP1.310
DMCY 18-17260HP1.718
DMCY 18-17K260HP1.718
DMCY 22-8K260HP0.822
DMCY 22-14340HP1.422
DMCY 22-14K325HP1.422
DMCY 22-18340HP1.822
DMCY 22-18K360HP1.822
DMCY 27-10340HP127
DMCY 27-10K325HP127
DMCY 32-10400HP132
DMCY 32-10K360HP132

Pressure(MPA)Air Capacity(m3/min)
DMCY 15-14K180HP1.415
DMCY 15-14190HP1.415
DMCY 12-15160HP1.512
DMCY 15-16190HP1.615
DMCY 15-16K180HP1.615
DMCY 17-17220HP1.717
DMCY 17-17K210HP1.717
DMCY 18-18K260HP1.818
DMCY 18-18260HP1.818
DMCY 18-20260HP218
DMCY 18-20K260HP218
DMCY 19.5-19K6CTA8.3-C2601.919.5
DMCY 19.5-19YC6M260l-K201.919.5
DMCY 22-20K6LTAA8.9-C325222
DMCY 22-20K6CTA8.9-C360222
DMCY 22-20YC6M340L-K20222
DMCY 26-25KQSZ13-C5502.526
DMCY 26-25YC6K500L2.526
DMCY 33-25KQSZ13-C5502.533
DMCY 33-25YC6K550L2.533
DMCY 26-35KQSZ13-C5503.526
DMCY 26-35YC6K550L3.526
DMCY 39-25KKTA19-P7002.539
DMCY 39-25C-18ACERT2.539
DMCY 33-35KKTA19-P7003.533
DMCY 33-35C-18ACERT3.533
DMCY 33-25KQSZ13-C5502.533
DMCY 26-35QSZ13-C5503.526
DMCY 43-25TAD1643VE-B 560kw2.543
DMCY 35-35TAD1643VE-B 560kw3.535




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