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Food & Pharmaceutical

Today, when the automation of food and pharmaceutical enterprises is highly developed, compressed air is commonly used. Compressed air is required for processing, packaging, gas delivery, PET blowing, fermentation, and even water treatment. The food and pharmaceutical industry is faced with the problem of how to choose a safe and efficient compressed air system. To make a reasonable judgment, you must first determine the way the company uses compressed air in the production system. In addition, the compressed air system also needs to meet the unique safety, reliability and efficiency requirements and standards of the food, beverage and pharmaceutical industry.

For some special processes in the food and pharmaceutical industry, compressed air may come into direct contact with the product. Many companies do not know the pollutants and pollution sources in compressed air, so they ignore compressed air in the hazard analysis process, which ultimately causes physical harm to consumers and unnecessary losses to the production of enterprises. To ensure the best food and medicine safety and reduce consumer risks, companies must follow necessary norms and standards to buy high quality air producing requirements.

The main application areas of the air compressor include: zero gas generator and carrier gas for gas chromatography, nitrogen generator for simple use with liquid chromatography, rheometer, particle size analyzer, atomic absorption spectrophotometer, nuclear magnetic resonance, Fourier Transformation-infrared spectrometer, plasma emission spectrometer, X-ray fluorescence spectrometer, medical diagnostic CT, hospital inspection automation equipment, flow cytometer, electron microscope, pneumatic platform, extracorporeal shock wave lithotripter, endoscopic treatment instrument, etc., hospital ICU , Centralized air supply in the operating room, etc.

Pharmaceutical Industry. The compressed air of pharmaceutical companies is mainly used in filling machines in liquid preparations, granulators, pulping machines, filling machines, packaging machines, printing machines in solid preparations, extraction tanks in the extraction process, and in addition, in laboratory tests. Trial gas, powder material transportation, drying, blowing and purging, pneumatic instrument components, automatic control gas, etc.

In dental clinics, the main function of the air compressor is to provide power for the control of dental equipment and treatment machines such as water/air spray guns, turbine handpieces, and sandblasting machines to ensure continuous and reliable operation.

The food industry is mainly used in mechanical actions such as power actuators and control cylinders, packaging processes or food storage locations, etc., blowing bottles or opening bags before packaging food, mixing processing raw materials, fermentation and a series of production processes. As an automated air source: In automated filling, packaging and bottling production lines, compressed air is used to control various valves and actuators. With the help of oil-free compressed air, the components of automatic equipment can be prevented from clogging and the safety of the final product can be ensured. Used for conveying purposes: to maintain the purity of the powder, compressed air is used as a conveying carrier for powdered food, such as milk powder and cocoa powder. Once the compressed air contains oil, it will mix with the powder and cause food contamination. As purge air: to eliminate the risk of defective products caused by oil contamination, use compressed air to clean bottles, packaging and molds before filling. If compressed air contains oil, in addition to endangering health, it will also contaminate food containers and change the smell and taste of the final product. Used for fermentation: In the fermentation process used to produce citric acid, red wine, yogurt and other food ingredients, compressed air can provide oxygen for bacteria. Even a trace amount of oil will affect the activity of bacteria, produce defective products and contaminate the final product. Used for food storage: to avoid the deterioration of stored food. In the air separation process, compressed air is separated into oxygen and nitrogen. Nitrogen can then play a preserving role for canned food and food stored in large storage facilities and during ocean transportation. Since nitrogen directly contacts food, the gas must be 100% oil-free. Oil can damage the diaphragm in a pressure swing adsorption nitrogen generator (PSA), and the cost of replacing the diaphragm is very high.

In the tobacco industry, the amount of compressed air used in cigarette production is very large. Cigarette manufacturing is mainly completed by the three processes of silk making, crimping, and packaging. Cigarette making machines, packaging machines, silk making equipment, and dust removal equipment all require compressed air as power. The oil-containing air compressor affects the product quality: after the tobacco is processed, it is transported by compressed air. In this process, if the oil-containing air and the tobacco are mixed together, the quality of some tobacco will not meet the standard; the oil-containing air compressor will damage the pneumatic components: in the equipment There are many cylinders and control valves in the pipeline. The oil entering will contaminate the pneumatic components, and even directly cause equipment failure and shutdown; in the cigarette manufacturing, at the same time, it is necessary to ensure that the raw materials and equipment are not harmed by moisture, and the dryness of the compressed air needs to reach -40 °C pressure dew point.


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