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Air Filter Core

Application: Air compressor

Allowed working temperature: -40C-+100℃

Rated flow: 2-60m/min

Filter material: imported top filter material

Product Features

The air filter is the most important filter on your compressor. The original air filter will save your compressors oil, oil separator, oil filters and all other moving parts.

The compressor air filters need to be cleaned and/or replaced regularly. Normally replacing the air intake filter is part the standard service routine. In very dusty / dirty environments it’s better to clean them once in a while (blow the dust off with compressed air).

An air compressor with dirty inlet filter(s) will reduce the output capacity. You will pay more money through your higher energy bill than the cost of a new filter.


Installation positionHanging in the compressed air line
Air residual oil rate1-3mg/m
Maximum operating temperature120℃
Pressure drop0.2bar
Rated flow1-6m/min
Filter materialUse imported top filter material, high efficiency and stability
Outer casingUse 0.8mm high-strength steel plate to withstand 20bar working pressure through oil pressure testforce
FlangeUse 5mm high-strength steel plate to make the oil and gas separator core stronger
CraftThe pleated process makes the oil and gas separator core have a larger filtering area
Sealing meansUse high-quality fluorine rubber sealing ring
The service life of the product2000hours




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