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High Temperature Refrigerated Air Dryer (water-cooled)

Intake temperature: ≤80 ℃

Cooling method: water cooling

Intake pressure: 0.6 ~ 1.0Mpa

Pressure loss: ≤0.03MPa

Pressure dew point: 2 ~ 10 ℃

Cooling water inlet pressure: 0.2 ~ 0.4Mpa

Product Features

1. Advanced technology

This model fully introduces and absorbs the mature technology of American HANKISON, and on this basis, combines the characteristics of domestic timing and working conditions, and adopts scientific and effective design to make it run more efficiently and stably. Due to its advanced technology, reliable operation, low dew point and stability, the "Demon" brand refrigeration dryer is in line with the general compressed air freeze dryer and general compressed air refrigeration dryer controller.

2. The heat exchange is counter current

Due to the selection of high-efficiency threaded tubes or smooth tubes, the heat transfer coefficient is high, and the heat exchange method of counter current heat recovery is adopted, which is more energy-saving and stable than ordinary counter current methods.

3. Thorough separation of gas and liquid

Due to the self-developed gas-liquid separator, the separation efficiency is higher and more thorough than other types of separators, with a separation efficiency of more than 99%.

4. Fluid drainage and drainage are smooth

Due to the use of independent technology, the condensate of the refrigerated dryer is fully separated and discharged out of the machine through a reliable drain valve, which greatly reduces the failure rate of the refrigerated dryer during operation and improves the quality of the air source. The brand refrigeration dryer can run stably and orderly under different working conditions.

5. Classification of professional working conditions

In order to enable the refrigerated dryer to operate efficiently, stably and energy-saving under different working conditions, Demon brand refrigerated dryers are divided into high temperature air-cooled type, high-temperature water-cooled type, and room temperature air according to customer needs and actual operating conditions. Cold type and room temperature water-cooled type.





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