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Single Stage Permanent Magnetic Variable Speed Screw Air Compressor

Model: DMV-G Series; Brand: Dream

Rated Power: 7.5~250KW

Air Capacity: 0.1~44.1m³/min

Working Pressure: 0.8~1.6MPa

Product Features

■ Durable, efficient and stable air end.

■ The permanent magnet motor has higher energy efficiency, saves your electricity, IP54, B-level temperature rise is suitable for heavy dust, high temperature and other harsh environments.

■ Coupling connection, more energy saving.

■ Multiple noise reduction design, calculated according to noise theory, with special flame retardant muffler cotton inside to reduce unit noise and provide a quieter environment.

■ Independent air intake to make the cooling effect better.

■ Integrated cooler integrates oil cooling and after cooling. Adopt high-efficiency and low-noise internal rotor axial fan, with large cooling air flow, low noise, faster cooling effect, and convenient cleaning and maintenance.

■ Cyclone type internal and external oil separator design, improve the initial separation efficiency, winding oil design, low pressure loss, reduce air oil content, long service life;

■ The conventional maintenance parts (three filters) are all openable door panels, the installation position is easy to replace, and the maintenance is more convenient.

■ High-temperature shutdown protection.

■ Motor overload protection.

■ Overpressure safety decompression system.

■ Optimize the shock-absorbing pad to reduce vibration and noise.

■ Place electrical components and oil separator and filtration modules that are easily damaged by high temperature in the cold room, which improves the service life of the unit.

■ Two-way pressure, one-way temperature control, more protection for series operation.

■ The standard IoT system allows you to see the operation of your machine on your mobile phone.

Durable, efficient and stable air end

Durable, efficient and stable air end

1. The design idea of "large rotor, large bearing, low speed" is adopted to reduce noise and vibration and increase the life and stability of the host.

2. The tooth surface is processed by the German KAPP rotor grinder to create a high-precision rotor, which is the first guarantee of high efficiency and stability of the air end.

3. Adopt a new type of 5: 6 asymmetric rotor tooth shape, high-precision three-coordinate measuring machine for comprehensive measurement, increase the air capacity by 5% -10%

4. All imported quality bearings are used.

Permanent magnet synchronous motor

Permanent magnet synchronous motor

1. IP54 protection level, more stable and reliable than IP23 in harsh environments.

2. Low temperature rise design, motor temperature rise is less than 60K, higher efficiency, extending the service life of the motor.

3. Use ceramic-plated bearings to completely eliminate the impact of shaft current on the bearings.

4. It is made of rare-earth permanent magnet materials, with large torque during starting and running, and low current during starting and running.

5. Reasonable magnetic field design, magnetic density distribution, energy-saving motor has a wider working frequency range and low operating noise.

6. Cooperate with the operation of the frequency converter to realize the frequency conversion soft start, avoid the strong mechanical impact of the machine and equipment when the motor is started at full voltage, which is beneficial to protect the mechanical equipment, reduce equipment maintenance, and improve the reliability of the equipment.

High-quality and efficient coupling

High-quality and efficient coupling

1. The coupling is a torsionally elastic coupling with failure protection function, which can effectively damp and reduce the vibration and shock generated during the operation. 

2. The elastic body is only under pressure and can withstand greater loads. The drum-shaped teeth of the elastic body can avoid stress concentration.

Advanced and reliable electronic control system

Advanced and reliable electronic control system

1. The large-size color LCD touch screen has a good human-machine communication interface, and the touch screen has anti-error touch and sleep functions.

2. Customized vector inverter, perfectly matched with the motor, low frequency and large torque, can output 180% rated torque;

3. Fully monitor various parameters of the machine, including voltage detection, three-phase unbalance detection, overpressure, overtemperature, etc., without the need for special supervision

4. Configure the Internet of Things, you can view the unit operating status on your mobile phone

5. Independent air duct design, suitable for various working conditions.

Inner rotor fan

Inner rotor fan

1. IP44 cooling fan, Class F insulation;

2. Compared with the outer rotor fan, the inner rotor fan has higher air pressure, more air volume, and better cooling effect;

3. Due to high wind pressure, the cooler and filter are less likely to be blocked

Three filters

Three filters

Air filter: the filter area exceeds 150% of the normal requirement, low the inlet pressure loss , and high energy efficiency ;

Oil filter: The design of the imported oil filter with enlarged glass fiber material is adopted. The rated processing capacity of the oil filter is ≥1.3 times of the circulating oil volume. The filtering accuracy is high and the durability is good.

Oil separator: imported glass fiber material oil core, good filtration effect, low oil core pressure loss.

Inlet valve

Inlet valve

Inlet valve: low flow speed test, low pressure loss, reduce energy consumption;

Minimum pressure check valve: low pressure loss, precise control, ultra-fast repositioning to ensure that the user's air does not return.

Temperature control valve: Mixed flow temperature control valve: The unit is equipped with a mixed flow temperature control valve to ensure that the unit is more convenient to start in a low temperature environment, and to ensure the unit is in the best performance state by controlling the oil supply temperature of the air end





  • 1. Material and life of permanent magnet motor


    The magnetic steel of the permanent magnet synchronous motor we use is neodymium iron boron permanent magnet material. Can be used for a long time under normal use

  • 2. Comparison of oil-cooled and air-cooled motors


    Oil-cooled motors use lubricating oil for cooling, which has high cooling efficiency and is less affected by ambient temperature. Air-cooled motors use cooling air for cooling.

  • 3. Can you work 24 hours a day?



  • 4. How many years can this machine be used?


    The design life of our unit is 30 years.

  • 5. In order to avoid frequent start and stop, what is the minimum pressure difference between loading and unloading, and what is the best pressure difference to maintain?


    Please refer to our manual.

  • 6. Is it possible to achieve constant pressure air supply?


    Variable frequency unit can realize constant pressure air supply

  • 7. What is the range of pressure fluctuations?


    The variable frequency unit can realize constant pressure air supply, and the industrial frequency unit can set the loading and unloading pressure according to the requirements

  • 8. Is the vibration big? Help me deal with it during installation


    The vibration value of the unit is less than the national standard value.

  • 9. Will it degauss in 3-5 years?


    The magnetic steel of the permanent magnet synchronous motor we use is neodymium iron boron permanent magnet material. Can be used for a long time under normal use

  • 10. The customer’s actual pressure is 8 bar. Can an 8 bar machine meet the requirements?


    Please refer to the catalog for the rated exhaust pressure of our corresponding models

  • 11. How big is the centrifugal fan? What’s the air volume? What brand?


    Regarding the cooling air volume, please check our model parameter table

  • 12. Whether the air compressor has an explosion-proof certificate (Yibin coal mine customer)


    For special models, please consult our sales manager.

  • 13. Is the equipment air-cooled or water-cooled


    We can produce both air-cooled and water-cooled models. Please consult our sales manager for specific product information.

  • 14. Motor cooling method


    Depending on the model, there are air-cooled motors and oil-cooled motors.

  • 15. Is the motor an energy efficiency IE4 motor?


    The energy efficiency of permanent magnet motors reaches IE4 level.

  • 16. Cases in the industry and region


    Please check Dream official website

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