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Top 5 Portable Diesel Screw Air Compressor Brands In The World

April 25, 2021

Top 5 Portable Diesel Screw Air Compressor Brands In The World

Diesel portable screw air compressors are widely used in roads, railways, mining, water conservancy, shipbuilding, urban construction, energy, military and other industries because of their excellent portability.

Here is an introduction to the top five diesel portable screw air compressor brands in the world:

1. Atlas

Atlas is regarded as one of the top air compressors by many people in the industry. From small, medium to large air compressors, users can choose compressors that meet their needs. Atlas compressors are optimized for easy transportation and easy operation. No matter where the user needs compressed air, they can easily meet the user's requirements. Atlas air compressor series products are towed and transported by vehicles all over the world, so they have excellent mobility and can change the working place at any time according to the needs of users. Developed jointly by Atlas customers to ensure that it provides you with the most compact and balanced design and an excellent level of efficiency. In addition, many Atlas models are also equipped with classic HardHat® chassis!

2. Kaeser

As one of the best portable air compressor brands, equipped with advanced fuel-saving motors and heavy-duty chassis, it has a wide range of models, from the smallest portable devices to large compressors. Many models have a rotomolded PE shell (no tension, high resistance to dents), simple and intuitive operation, and the best accessibility to maintenance points to prevent unnecessary downtime.

3. Sullair

Sullair LLC is headquartered in Michigan, Indiana, USA. It has focused on the development and manufacture of screw air compressors for more than 50 years. It is one of the most well-known air compressor brands in the world. Sullair's portable air compressors provide strong power for your outdoor operations, and even meet the requirements of stable operation in complex environments. With more than 40 years of focus on the development and production of screw air compressors, Sullair has accumulated rich experience and technical levels, thus providing the market with professional, reliable, and cost-effective products


Doosan's portable screw air compressor provides the highest standards of work performance in the industry and meets the most extensive construction needs in the market. It adopts fully imported screw main engine with high compression efficiency, powerful brand engine, air volume control system to meet various needs and efficient cooling system, with excellent performance and strong reliability.

5. Kaishan

As an innovator in the field of portable screw air compressors in China, the portable air compressors provided represent the world's leading technology and quality, which can be used for global oil and gas exploration, drilling technology, pipeline construction, mine drilling and blasting, and water well drilling. Provide high-standard products and services in infrastructure, market maintenance, OEM and other fields. Kaishan portable screw air compressors provide high-standard work performance in the industry and meet the most extensive construction needs in the market. It adopts a screw main engine with high compression efficiency, a powerful brand engine, a gas volume control system to meet a variety of needs, and an efficient cooling system, with excellent performance and strong reliability.

Advantages of Dream diesel portable screw air compressors

1. Air end: The large-diameter rotor design of the patented profile. The aie end and the diesel engine are directly connected through a high elastic coupling. There is no speed-increasing gear in the middle. The speed of the main engine is the same as that of the diesel engine, which has higher efficiency, better reliability and longer life.

2. Diesel engine: select domestic and foreign nameplate diesel engines such as Cummins, Yuchai, etc., which meet the national II emission requirements, have strong power, low fuel consumption, and have a nationwide after-sales service system, so that users can get fast and complete services.

3. The air volume control system is simple and reliable

According to the size of the gas consumption, the gas volume is automatically adjusted from 0-100%, and the diesel engine throttle is automatically adjusted to save diesel to the greatest extent.

4. Microcomputer can only monitor

The microcomputer can only monitor the operating parameters of air compressor exhaust pressure, exhaust temperature, diesel engine speed, oil pressure, water temperature, mailbox liquid level, etc. It has automatic alarm and shutdown protection functions.

5. Multi-stage air filter

Suitable for dusty working environment; multi-stage fuel filter, suitable for domestic oil quality status; super large oil-water cooler, suitable for high temperature and plateau environment.

6. Spacious maintenance door

The parts to be maintained are all within reach. It is convenient and easy to maintain the air filter, oil filter, fuel tank, battery and oil cooler, reducing downtime.

7. Easy to move

It can still move flexibly in harsh terrain conditions. Each compressor is equipped with hoisting rings for safe and convenient hoisting and transportation.

The difference between diesel portable screw air compressor and electric portable one:

1. The drive components are different. Diesel portable air compressors use diesel engines, and electric portable air compressors use electric motors.

2. The price-performance ratio of driving diesel portable air compressor is higher than that of electric portable air compressor, but electric portable air compressor is more convenient than diesel portable air compressor.

3. Diesel portable engines need to be filled with diesel regularly as a combustion power; electric portable air compressors only need electricity to drive.

4. Diesel portable engines have stronger power and are more advantageous for bumpy sections and hill-climbing sections; electric portable air compressors are not problematic for driving on flat ground and slight slope sections.

The user should choose according to the actual situation of the equipment use place when purchasing. If the compressor is more convenient to use electricity, it is recommended to use an electric portable air compressor, which can run with electricity only, and it is inconvenient to use electricity. It is recommended to use a diesel portable air compressor, which can be operated by adding diesel oil.

Factors to be considered when choosing a diesel portable air compressor:

1. Choose according to the gas occasion and conditions

If there is a long-distance change (over 500 meters) in the gas application, the portable type should be considered; if the application cannot be powered, the diesel engine-driven type should be selected;

2. Choose according to the level of the exhaust pressure and the size of the exhaust volume

The user should choose the pressure that matches the gas equipment, and cannot use forced pressurization to avoid accidents. In addition, the air displacement is one of the main parameters of the air compressor. The air volume of the air compressor should be selected to match the required air displacement, and a 10% margin should be left.

In summary

Diesel air compressors have several advantages-longer service life, lower fuel costs, and less maintenance requirements. Their portability makes them ideal for external work that restricts power supply.

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