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Portable Air Compressor Buying Guide

April 23, 2021

Portable Air Compressor Buying Guide

Through this article, we can help you understand the basic knowledge of the Portable Air Compressor, benefits of portable air compressor, the industrial applications, the main technical parameters, how to select the portable air compressor according to these parameters.

Industrial Applications: Mobile screw air compressors are widely used in mining, water conservancy, transportation, shipbuilding, urban construction, energy, military and other industries, such as Drilling and blasting market, open pit mine, water conservancy and hydro-power construction, coal-bed methane market, municipal air compressor, oil pipeline pressure test air compressor, oil/gas pipeline cleaning, sandblasting and rust removal, large-diameter embedded rock foundation piles, oil and gas wells , Coal-bed methane wells, mining area gas drainage wells, water wells, geothermal wells, geothermal air-conditioning wells, geological exploration holes, large-diameter reverse circulation holes, foundation piles and other entire drilling industries. Dream Compressor provide multi-faceted solutions and provide air compressor system and aerodynamic solutions for oil, natural gas, coal-bed methane, mining, municipal construction, geological exploration, pipeline construction, water well construction and other fields.

The main advantages of portable screw air compressor

● High reliability: The screw air compressor has fewer parts and wearing parts, so it runs reliably and has a long life.

● Convenient operation and maintenance: The operator does not need to go through long professional training, can realize unattended operation, the operation is relatively simple, and the air can be supplied according to the required exhaust volume.

● Good power balance: The screw air compressor has no unbalanced inertial force, and the machine can work smoothly and at a high speed, and can realize no-base operation. It is especially suitable for use as a mobile compressor, with small size, light weight and less floor space.

● Strong adaptability: The screw air compressor has the characteristics of forced air delivery, the air displacement is almost not affected by the exhaust pressure, the operation is stable, the vibration is small, the exhaust is stable, and it can maintain high efficiency in a wide range.

● Multi-phase mixed transportation: There are actually gaps between the tooth surfaces of the rotor of the screw air compressor, so it can withstand the impact of liquids, and can deliver liquid-containing gas, dust-containing gas, easy-to-polymerize gas, etc.

Main disadvantage

● The running noise is large, and noise reduction equipment should be installed under normal circumstances.

● Due to its strong balance and high-speed operation, the power consumption is relatively high.

● The screw gap will become larger after long-term operation, and regular repair or replacement costs more.

Technical parameters

● Main motor: Motor power 37- 250kw

● Power : 380V/50Hz/3ph

● Service factor:  1.15

● The protection grade is IP54, which is more suitable for the dusty environment in the wild

● Dashboard layout

● Digital voltmeter

● Digital Ammeter

● Main engine exhaust pressure gauge

● Main engine exhaust temperature gauge

● Hour meter

● Power Indicator

● Unit operation indicator

● Oil filter clogged indicator

● On/off control and continuous adjustment control switch

● Unit loading switch

● Pressure switch before and after separation

● start up button

● Stop button

● Main engine exhaust system

● The connection pipe port between the main engine exhaust and the oil separator body is changed to flange connection, which can more effectively prevent the oil leakage problem in the long-term use of the high-pressure single-stage unit.

Air supply system

One 2" ball valve and 3 1/4 ball valves, enough for users to connect to equipment of various sizes

Conical R thread is easier to seal, has a long life, and is not easy to leak

Reduce the exhaust resistance on the side of the separator

Temperature control valve

The temperature control valve can effectively prevent the temperature control element from malfunctioning or non-operation (seizure), ensuring that the compressor runs at a suitable temperature range, and more reliably prolongs the service life of the lubricating oil and the main engine.

power box

● The old-fashioned air switch is a manual switch. The higher the voltage, the more difficult it is to open and close.

● The electromagnetic air switch used in this unit can be easily dialed by hand, or can be controlled by buttons, and is equipped with a circuit breaker at the same time, which greatly increases safety

Intake system

● Stepless air intake adjustment system can be adjusted within 0-100%

● The outer cover of the unit is designed according to the cold box principle

● It can form an efficient cooling air flow, and the working environment temperature is up to 52℃

● Machine safety lifting eyes

● Single point lifting and locking protection to prevent unauthorized movement

Intake filter system

The equipment is equipped with a two-stage air filtration system to ensure that the air compressor is free from dust and dirty particles. When the filter needs to be replaced, the Yinni display will alert you in time.

Self-designed cooling system

● High-performance plate-fin cooler

● Increased cooling area margin to ensure cooling effect

● The maximum operating environment temperature can be as high as 52℃

● (The motor specification recommends not to run for a long time in an environment higher than 46°C)

Safety protection

● High compressor discharge temperature protection: >120℃

● Main motor overload protection

● Fan motor overload protection

● Power phase sequence error or phase loss protection

● Oil filter clogged alarm

● Electric control box

● Large-capacity contactor can adapt to unstable voltage conditions in the field

● Waterproof cabinet design

● Large internal space, good heat dissipation performance of components

Power box

● Water-proof design box can prevent rainwater from entering when the machine is stopped (it is not allowed to start the machine when it is raining)

● Wire entry from the lower part, convenient for wiring, while keeping the distance from the surrounding staff to ensure personal safety


● Front and rear service doors for easy maintenance

How to select the portable air compressor

1. Model selection will be based on actual air use requirement

Combining the needs of customers, finding the best operating economy, and expanding the scale in the future will require a lot of decisions. The basis of the decision is the purpose or use process of compressed air. It focuses on calculating the air demand, reserves and room for future expansion. Pressure and flow are both decisive factors and have a great impact on energy consumption. Different pressure ranges and different The flow conditions of different compressors may sometimes be economical.

Commonly used international standards for selection are: AP1613, AP1614, AP1615, AP1617, AP1618, AP1619.

2. Calculation of work pressure

The equipment that compresses the gas determines the necessary working pressure depends on the compressor, equipment, pipeline, the highest working pressure determines the necessary device pressure, and the air consumption location uses a pressure reducing valve to meet the equipment requirements, in extreme cases, a A single air compressor is very uneconomical.

Working pressure: end user + final stage filter + piping system + dust particle filter + dryer + compressor adjustment range

The higher the pressure, the greater the power consumption, and the pressure drop caused by the size and length of the piping must be considered. List the operating pressures of various models. If the operating pressures are too different, you must purchase air compressors with different pressures. Do not use at reduced pressures to increase costs.

3. Calculation of air demand

Compressed gas is a clean power that converts electrical energy into air potential energy and uses the expansion of compressed air to do external work. However, it consumes a lot of electrical energy. Generally speaking, the electric energy required to compress 1m? of air to 0.7MPa is about 7kW. According to statistics, the power consumption of the air compressor station accounts for about 20% of the total power consumption of the entire enterprise. This means that saving compressed air and rationally using compressed air will bring you new profit margins!

Air consumption: Combine all tools + machinery and equipment + relevant process air consumption + leakage + wear + future air consumption + usage coefficient (standard value 20%)

Fourth, the number of compressors and the determination of specifications

According to the required degree of flexibility + control system + energy efficiency

(1) Choose one big machine or multiple small machines?

The cost of downtime during production, the utilization rate of electricity, the change of load (load), the cost of the compressed air system, and the available floor space. Due to cost reasons, only one compressor is used to supply all the air in a device, so this system can prepare a quick interface of a mobile compressor for connection when it is used, and an old air compressor can be used as an inexpensive The reserve power provides the reserve gas source.

(2) Stability (an issue that has always been very important);

(3) Energy consumption expenditure

● Piping leaks;

● The demand for air fluctuates every moment (this is the most neglected and the most serious)

● The output efficiency of a single machine (choose the model with the best range of output efficiency)

(4) standardization of spare parts

The optimal combination of multiple 110KW models may be 40-160m³/min, the best choice for the air range.

(5) Operational analysis

It should be observed within one week, and more than 90% of the measured energy recovery is recovered. During a certain period of time, the working pressure often drops. The control system can be modified with reference to the changes in production to improve the use of the air compressor. Another factor is to check for air leaks.

Pay attention to the ratio of energy consumption to save power: actual displacement/actual motor power consumption, the larger the value, the more power consumption.


Offering the power of diesel with the convenience of portable compressors, the portable diesel air compressor is a great mix of form and function. Available in a number of sizes and horsepower, there is a portable diesel air compressor to fit every need, regardless of your industry.

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