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Matters That Need Attention in the Using of Air Compressor

November 30, 2021

1.The cooling water valve should be closed after the shutdown in winter. Drain the cooling water in the oil cooler side by side to avoid freezing and damaging the cooler.

2.When the air compressor is started or the power cord changes the sequence, it is necessary to confirm the rotation of the motor before the machine can start running.

3.The emergency stop button is used to stop the machine in case of abnormality. Generally, this button should not be used for normal stop.

4.When the air compressor is under remote control, the machine may start at any time and should be listed for reminder.

5.When the compressor is working, its outlet temperature may reach 100, and the temperature may increase in some parts. Please do not touch these objects with your hands, which may cause injuries due to rapid heat.

6.The operator of the empty machine is responsible for operating under safe conditions. If any unsafe hazard or abnormal state is observed, the machine should function in time to ensure normal pressurization until the empty machine returns to normal.

7.The repair and maintenance of the air compressor must be carried out by qualified person under their guidance. When performing any maintenance, repair work or adjustment work, please follow the steps below:

(1) Stop running of the machine and make the unit cooled down instantly. 

(2) Close the compressor outlet exhaust valve, and perform a safe relief of the compressor air system to zero.

(3) Press the emergency stop button

(4) Turn off the power

8.Pay attention to check whether the reading of each indicator is within the normal range. The air compressor is loaded and unloaded within the specified pressure range. The exhaust temperature should not be greater than 115 degrees.

9. Check whether the lubricating oil in the oil and vapor separator is sufficient by observing the oil level mirror, and maintain the normal oil level as required (The bottom of the oil level mirror occupies three-fifths of the oil volume after the machine is turned on). When lubricating oil needs to be added, the special lubricating oil for screw compressors designated by our company must be added. Lubricants of different brands are strictly prohibited to be mixed, otherwise it will cause the system to collect coke and cause accident.

10. When the unit is running or has been used recently, dont add or change the oil or fuel in the compressor. When doing so, the compressor may catch fire.

11. Place the compressor in an ideal location in clean, dry inlet air. Humid environment would cause damage to your machine, as well as electrical problems.

12. It is forbidden to crimp, connect or disconnect the pressure hose. Before making or replacing any hose connections, close the equipment and valves to relieve any pressure.

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