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How to Prevent an Air Compressor overheating from Summer opreation

August 28, 2021

How to Prevent an Air Compressor overheating from Summer opreation


The high temperature and humidity in summer will bring greater challenges to the safety and economic operation of air compressors. In combination with the common problems of summer air compressors,

the following aspects should be done:

1. Ensure the air circulation around the air compressor to prevent the heat generated by the air compressor from being unable to dissipate and causing the air compressor to be protected and shut down;

2. Pay more attention to the maintenance of the air compressor inverter to ensure good heat dissipation of the inverter;

3. Do a good job in cleaning the dust of the air compressor radiator or the temperature of the cooling water in the oil cooling and air cooling is appropriate;

4. Avoid high oil temperature, which may affect the safe operation of the air compressor, and use high-quality air compressor lubricating oil.

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