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Application of Dream Compressor in Textile Industry

December 28, 2021

   China is the world's largest textile producer, consumer, and exporter, the textile industry has experienced many years of development, it has the world's most complete industrial chain and a high level of processing supporting facilities, but at the same time, the textile industry is still an industry with high labor intensity and large external dependence. In recent years, as the domestic production costs continue to increase, many textile enterprises have fallen into the dilemma of production and operation difficulties. Therefore, Cost reduction and efficiency increase, lean management, and industrial intelligent upgrading are the good way for textile enterprises to get out of difficulties.

   A textile Co., Ltd. in Haimen City is located in Nantong which is called Jianghai Pearl、 Yangzi window, mainly engaged in knitting cloth, chemical fiber cloth production, and sales. In the 12 years of the development of the company, it has always provided customers with good products and technical support, and sound after-sales service.

   The customer originally used three air compressors of a domestic brand of 75 kW, the machine itself performs poorly and consumes much energy, which causes a great burden on the production cost of enterprises.

   In order to solve the problems facing the enterprise, to meet the requirements of production and energy refinement, Dream has customized exclusive system energy-saving solutions for the textile enterprise from several aspects of equipment operation optimization, air compressor room optimization, and pipeline optimization, and recommended a machine DMLV-110G specially customized for the textile industry.

After measuring the electricity meter data for 2 consecutive months, it turned out that the three air compressors used more than 150,000 degrees per month, after using one DMLV-110G air compressor, the monthly electricity consumption was reduced to 100,000 degrees, Dream air compressor is at least 35% energy saving than a previous brand of air compressor, 35% to the enterprise as a whole, is a great big number.

User trust and recognition,

This is undoubtedly the best recognition and encouragement for us.

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