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Why do many manufacturers favor Dream star air compressor -DHV series

July 01, 2021

Dream Company Profile


Star air compressor -DHV series






Durable, efficient, and stable air end


1. The design idea of "large rotor, large bearing, low speed" is adopted to reduce noise and vibration and increase the life and stability of the host.

2. The tooth surface is processed by the German KAPP rotor grinder to create a high-precision rotor, which is the first guarantee of high efficiency and stability of the air end.

3. Adopt a new type of 5: 6 asymmetric rotor tooth shape, high-precision three-coordinate measuring machine for comprehensive measurement, increase the air capacity by 5% -10%

4. All imported quality bearings are used. using


Low noise motor

IP65 fully enclosed oil-cooled permanent magnet motor, fully enclosed, dust and moisture cannot enter, and noise is difficult to transmit.



Customized vector inverter

1. Professional customization, perfect match with motor.

2. Fully monitor the parameters of the motor, including the motor temperature, to reduce the risk of the high temperature of the motor.

3. Independent air duct design, strong environmental adaptability.

4. Quick response, the response time is less than 50mS.

5. Large low-frequency torque, can output 180% rated torque.


Multi-wing centrifugal fan

1. The wind wheel is made by pressing the mechanical part, with a strong structure and long service life.

2. Compared with axial fans, multi-wing centrifugal fans have higher wind pressure and less noise.

3. Due to high wind pressure, the cooler and filter are less likely to be blocked.


For more than a decade, Dream (Shanghai) Compressor Co., Ltd has been striving to become one of the leading manufacturers of compressed air solutions in China.

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