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Which industries use air compressors in spraying and blasting?

April 06, 2021

Air compressor for sand blasting and spraying.

Sand blasting and spraying can be seen everywhere in industrial manufacturing. Spraying is widely used in aircraft and automobile manufacturing, steel, forging plants, furniture manufacturing and other industries.

details as follows:

Automobile manufacturing: spray washing machines, drive assembly tools, hoist hoist, pneumatic control, forging workshop, casting workshop, sheet metal workshop.

Chemical plant: spray,

Thermal power plants: blowing air to clean pipes, blowing out soot, cleaning boiler and condenser pipes,

Forging workshop: blowing oxide scale, furnace door air curtain,

Foundry and steel plant: cleaning equipment, sand conveying, sandblasting machine, grinding machine, sand blasting, sand screening, mud blasting core.

Glassworks: blowing bottles and glassware, blowing lamps and tubes,

Wood and furniture processing: sanders, sandblasting, painting, water spraying devices.

Sheet metal workshop: sand blasting, lubricant spraying, spray painting, container leak detection.

Aircraft manufacturing: spray washing machines, metal forming presses, sandblasting, and painting.

Automobile manufacturing: spray washing machine, forging workshop, casting workshop, sheet metal workshop spraying.

Beverage factory: bottle washing machine, canning machine, spraying inside the wine barrel.

Refinery: sandblasting, painting.

Why do we need an air compressor for sandblasting and spraying?

Mainly because the power source is pneumatic, the air source is provided by an air compressor, and then the pump body of the spraying equipment drives the work to perform high-pressure airless spraying. The object needs to be sprayed uniformly, without air bubbles, holes, bulges, shrinkage holes, smoothness, etc. It must not affect the surface smoothness and overall effect of the object. The main role of the compressed air system is to provide stable and high-quality compressed air for the sprayer Ensure that the spray gun is sprayed without oil, water, and impurities, and meet spraying quality requirements.

Therefore, when choosing a matching air compressor for the spraying machine, it should choose an air compressor with stable and reliable operating performance and good exhaust quality.

Demon air compressors provide special air compressors for spraying equipment. There are branches all over the country. The pump body with coating equipment drives the work to perform high-pressure airless spraying. Demeng air compressors provide free selection of supporting equipment for spraying equipment. Demeng after-sale engineers commission on-site commissioning free of charge. Relevant employees of supporting companies train relevant air compressor operating technical knowledge. Regular national inspections, such as if you are spraying supporting air compressors. If you have any questions, please call the 24H hotline: 15856939286.

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