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How to choose the air compressor for the boiler?

April 06, 2021

Recently, some factories consulted Dream Air Compressor through the network to reform the boiler room air compressor system to reduce equipment failure rates and improve boiler efficiency. The factory reports that there are problems with the air compressors currently in use:

1. The volume of the air compressor is too small, and the amount of stored gas is insufficient, which causes the air compressor to start too frequently. Every 3

Or start it every 5 minutes, and start it every 10 minutes or so. The direct result is empty.

The start-up circuit of the compressor often fails, which results in the shutdown of the air compressor.

Corresponding to a boiler, the boiler could not be started at the same time.

2. The vibration of the air compressor is too large, and its starting circuit is installed on the body. The excessive vibration causes the screws

Loose, the starter box falls off, and the circuit is short-circuited. The AC contactor inside the starter box fell off due to the vibration of the air compressor, which may burn the motor.

3. The air supply pipeline of the air compressor is made of PVC, and the middle connection of the pipe is glued. Because of the boiler room,

The internal temperature is high, and the joint often falls off and the pipe punctures during the pressure process.

So what is the direct connection between the air compressor and the boiler?

1. In the process of using the boiler, compressed air from an air compressor is required to provide a source of power for the boiler.

2. Blow ash with compressed air and blow pipe during maintenance.

3. Control systems such as boiler instruments and pneumatic valves are generally oil-free air compressors. Pneumatic valve: A pneumatic valve is a valve driven by compressed air. When the pneumatic valve is purchased, only the specifications, categories, and working pressure are met to meet the procurement requirements. It can be used to control various types of fluids such as air, water, steam, various corrosive media, muds, oils, liquid metals and radioactive media. flow.

4. Boiler air compressor waste heat recovery.

Dream Air Compressor provides customers with “energy-saving retrofit and centralized gas supply” solutions for each air compressor demand for free.

Dream Air Compressor Features:

01. Control electrical system {two-way pressure detection}:

■ Chinese / English bilingual can be set, and up to 16 units can be controlled.

■ Two-way pressure monitoring: internal pressure of oil and gas barrels, unit exhaust, better protection of the unit.

■ Temperature monitoring: real-time monitoring of the exhaust temperature of the unit to ensure the normal operation of the unit.

■ MODBUSRTU protocol, RS485 interface, can be connected to the user's upper level monitoring.

02 permanent magnet synchronous motor {ie4 energy efficiency class}

■ The 180 ℃ high temperature permanent magnetic material is used, which effectively ensures that the permanent magnet unit will never be demagnetized.

■ IP54 fully enclosed structure.

■ IE4 energy efficiency level, reaching the latest national standard level 1 energy efficiency.

03 Oil and gas separation system {easy recycling and disassembly}

■ Efficient air compressor oil and gas separator, compressed gas oil content ≤3ppm.

■ High recovery and recycling of lubricating oil, effectively avoid flying oil phenomenon.

■ Efficient filter element, long life, no need to change frequently.

■ Removal and installation of oil and gas separation tank cover. Humanized design, easy replacement, saving time and effort.

04 asynchronous motor

■ IE3 energy efficiency level and latest national standard level 2 energy efficiency.

■ Dream design, professional customization from global well-known brands.

■ Self-cooled motor, Class F insulation, Class B temperature rise, adopt IP54 protection level.

05 Screw Host {Dreamt Design · Professional Customization}

■ Screw host is the core component of air compressor, and its performance directly affects the economic cost and service life of the whole machine.

■ Dream design, professional custom host, excellent compression efficiency, energy saving of more than 5% of market products.

■ Exclusive patent design, while ensuring efficient operation, it can operate freely even under the harsh working conditions of frequent start and stop.

■ Excellent processing materials, high processing accuracy and sophisticated assembly technology ensure the life of the main unit of each compressor.

06 Air Filtration System {Nano Filtration · Quick Replacement}

■ Pre-filtering in advance to prevent large particles from entering the air compressor, strictly observe the first pass of compressed air, clean and remove easily.

■ Selected nano air filtration, dust removal filtration accuracy is 3um99.9%; diversion cyclone and paper fiber two-stage filtration, which can be applied to various environments such as heavy dust production.

■ The air filter adopts an integrated design, which requires no additional tools for disassembly and easy replacement, making the air filter service simple and fast.

"Energy saving creates value, ingenuity creates the future" Dream air compressors focus on the air compressor subdivision field. The products are widely used in bottle blowing, laser cutting, boilers, spraying, curtain walls, food processing, chemical energy, railroad repair, highway, garbage disposal , Military industry, mining metallurgy, rock drilling and other industrial fields. If you need energy-saving retrofit solutions for air compressors, please call 24H hotline: 15856939286

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