Heatless Regeneration Desiccant Dryer

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Heatless Regeneration Desiccant Air Dryer

Purge air: ≤12 ~ 15%

Working pressure: 0.6 ~ 1.0Mpa

Intake oil content: ≤0.01 ppm

Pressure dew point: -20℃ ~ -70 ℃

Product Features

1. Have a stable and consistent outlet pressure dew point

■ Reasonable cylinder design ensures that the contact time between compressed air and desiccant is 4.8 seconds, which meets the dew point requirement of the finished air.

30% desiccant balance is used to compensate the natural aging of desiccant

and ensure the drying effect.

■ Large diffuser to ensure that the airflow passes through the desiccant layer evenly, eliminating the phenomenon of channel flow.

2. The loss of regeneration air is less than 12%

■ Excellent barrel design, save 95% of the heat of adsorption, the stored heat is used to increase the temperature of the regeneration air in the regeneration stage, improve the desorption capacity of the equipment, and make the regeneration more thorough.

■ The reverse convection method is used for drying and regeneration, and the best effect is when the moist air flows through the dried adsorbent.

■ The amount of regeneration air can be adjusted according to the operating load demand of the dryer.

3. Long service life of desiccant

■ Appropriate barrel size keeps the flow rate and time of the air through the desiccant layer in the best condition, and fully exerts the performance of the desiccant.

■ Reasonable system configuration, before the airflow enters the barrel, the oil content and heavy pollutants in the airflow are removed immediately by the efficient degreasing treatment to avoid the pollution of the desiccant layer.





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