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Medium Pressure Fixed Speed Screw Air Compressor

Model: DR-Z Series; Brand: Dream

Rated Power: 22~315KW

Air Capacity: 1.6~37.7m³/min

Working Pressure: 2.0~4.0MPa

Product Features

■ Durable and stable air end: two-stage integrated air end, third-generation asymmetric rotor technology; suitable for medium-pressure compression ratio matching, high volumetric efficiency; adopt heavy-duty bearings, and the rotor is well stressed; two-stage rotors are respectively passed gear drive, so that each stage of the rotor has the best linear speed; using a large rotor, low speed design, low noise and low vibration;

■ IE3 motor, save your electricity cost, IP54, B-level temperature rise is suitable for harsh environments such as large dust and high temperature;

■ Coupling connection, more energy saving;

■ Multiple noise reduction design, calculated according to noise theory, with special flame retardant muffler cotton inside, to reduce the noise of the unit and provide a quieter environment for use.

■ Independent air intake, reduce intake resistance, multi-function intake valve group, start without load, motor load is small. Use high-efficiency filters to effectively filter particulates in the air;

■ Centrifugal fan with high-pressure plate-fin cooler has high wind pressure, low noise, independent external suction, exhaust air upward through a specially designed air duct to prevent hot air from returning; plate-fin cooler has high heat exchange efficiency and internal pressure The loss is small, which can make the oil fully exchange heat, no heat zone;

■ The oil and air barrels developed professionally according to medium and high pressure conditions can achieve the best coarse separation effect under various conditions; after the second separation of the customized oil core, the final oil content of the air is not more than 3ppm;

■ The conventional maintenance parts (three filters) adopt openable door panels, the installation position is easy to replace, and the maintenance is more convenient

■ Specially designed main engine oil supply system to stabilize the oil supply pressure and ensure that the unit (especially the bearing) can get sufficient oil supply in the later period of long-term operation, the unit operates more stable and has a longer life.

■ High temperature shutdown protection;

■ Motor overload protection;

■ Overpressure safety decompression system;

■ Optimized shock absorption pad to reduce vibration and noise;

■ Dedicated control system, multi-channel pressure sensor and multi-channel temperature sensor to comprehensively detect the running state of the unit; the user interface is more friendly, the control is more accurate and reliable.

■ The unit is equipped with an Internet of Things system, which can monitor the machine status on the mobile phone.

Medium voltage two stage air end

Medium voltage two stage air end

1. Two-stage integrated design, oil mist spray cooling between stages, improve compression insulation efficiency; reduce the temperature of air, save compression power consumption.

2. Suitable for medium-pressure compression ratio matching, small leakage in the air end, and high volume efficiency.

3. The bearings adopt imported heavy-duty bearings to make the rotor's force better; the two-stage rotors are driven by helical gears respectively, so that each stage of the rotor has the best linear speed.

4. The third generation of asymmetric rotor technology, the tooth surface is processed by the German KAPP rotor grinder to create a high-precision rotor, which is the first guarantee of high efficiency and stability of the air end.

Permanent magnetic synchronous motor

Permanent magnetic synchronous motor

1. IP54 protection level, more stable and reliable than IP23 in harsh environments.

2. Low temperature rising design, the motor temperature rising is less than 60K, the efficiency is higher, and the service life of the motor is extended.

3. Use ceramic plated bearings to completely eliminate the effect of shaft current on bearings.

4. Manufactured with rare earth permanent magnet materials, the torque during starting and running is large, and the current during starting and running is small.

5. Reasonable magnetic field design, magnetic density distribution, wider operating frequency range of energy-saving motors, and low operating noise.

6. Cooperate with the operation of the inverter to realize the soft start of the frequency conversion, avoiding the strong mechanical impact of the machine equipment when the motor is started at full pressure, which is beneficial to protect the machine equipment, reduce equipment maintenance, and improve the reliability of the equipment.

High-quality and efficient coupling

High-quality and efficient coupling

1. The coupling is a torsionally elastic coupling with failure protection function, which can effectively damp and reduce the vibration and shock generated during the operation.

2. The elastic body is only under pressure and can withstand greater loads. The drum-shaped teeth of the elastic body can avoid stress concentration.

Advanced and reliable electronic control system

Advanced and reliable electronic control system

1. Intelligent control system, with a good human-machine communication interface; high-quality electrical components are selected, and contactors are imported brands.

2. Develop special programs for the characteristics of medium pressure, with multi-channel pressure sensors and multi-channel temperature sensors, comprehensive detection of the running state of the unit, automatic control of the machine state, no need for special care.

3. Emergency stop function, there is a push-type emergency stop switch in a prominent position of the unit, which can be immediately stopped in an emergency.

4. Configure Internet of Things, you can check the running status of the unit on your mobile phone

5. Independent air duct design, applicable to various working conditions.

Silent centrifugal fan

Silent centrifugal fan

1. The whole series adopts centrifugal fan, which is more efficient and more energy-saving.

2. Compared with axial fans, centrifugal fans have higher air pressure, lower noise and more energy saving.

3. Controlled by frequency conversion fan, the oil temperature is constant and the service life of lubricating oil is greatly extended.

4. Due to the high wind pressure, the cooler and filter are less likely to be blocked.

Three filters

Three filters

Air filter: The filter area exceeds 150% of the normal need, the inlet pressure loss is low, and the energy efficiency is good;

Oil filter: A full-flow built-in pressure-retaining oil filter suitable for medium-pressure working conditions. The rated processing capacity of the oil filter is ≥ 1.5 times the circulating oil volume. The imported filter material and large excess design are used. The filter has high filtration accuracy and good durability.

Oil content: Adopt folding and winding combined oil sub-core for medium pressure working conditions, wide applicable pressure range, good separation effect, low operating pressure loss; use imported glass fiber material.

Inlet valve

Inlet valve

Inlet valve: the medium-pressure special normally-closed disc valve is adopted, which has a check function, stable operation, high control of air volume, a noise reduction design, low cavitation noise and long service life.

Minimum pressure maintenance valve: medium pressure special valve, high pressure resistance, high temperature resistance, accurate opening pressure, stable pressure in the barrel, ultra-fast repositioning, strong sealing, ensuring no return of gas, low pressure loss and high efficiency.

Temperature control valve (part): Mixed-flow temperature control valve: The unit is equipped with a mixed-flow temperature control valve to ensure that the unit is more convenient to start in a low-temperature environment, and to ensure the oil supply of the unit at all times; by controlling the oil supply temperature of the host to ensure that the unit is in Best performance.

Oil shutoff valve: Medium pressure dedicated normally closed valve, controlled by the head exhaust pressure. When starting, the valve opens quickly to ensure that the compressor is lubricated and warmed up as soon as possible; when stopped, the valve can prevent oil from spraying from the intake side.





  • 1. Is the use of consumables the same as atmospheric equipment? (After-sales service)


    It is not the same. The medium and high-pressure equipment consumables are customized consumables according to the equipment pressure, and ordinary ones cannot be used.

  • 2. Can you use general-purpose screw oil?


    The medium and high pressure operating temperature and pressure are very high. The oil used must be the original oil, and the oil number must be special for medium and high pressure.

  • 3. Can the maintenance time be used for 3000 hours?


    Due to the special operating conditions of medium and high pressure, the equipment needs to replace the three filters and oil every 1000/1500 hours

  • 4. Price comparison with piston type, technical advantages (sales)


    Dream's screw type medium and high pressure micro-oil screw compressor is characterized by high efficiency, quietness, intelligent control, simple maintenance, long-term stable operation, and continuous output of compressed gas. No pulse and little vibration.

  • 5. Air end brand and material


    Dream's customized medium and high voltage series air end

  • 6. Service life, is it safe?


    The design life of the unit is 30 years, and you must perform normal maintenance as required

  • 7. How much ppm is the oil content?



  • 8. Can the air compressor be operated by mobile phone?


    Our cloud IoT system supports mobile APP to view the operating status of the unit, and cannot operate the unit

  • 9. What material is the cabinet made of?


    Cold rolled steel sheet

  • 10. Is the inverter of good quality? Is it high precision?


    We have developed a dedicated inverter for air compressors in cooperation with well-known brands in the industry, and there is no problem in quality assurance

  • 11. How many air ends are there?


    Dream's screw type medium and high pressure micro-oil screw compressor is a air end

  • 12. How much can the highest pressure do?



  • 13. Is there a configuration table?


    Please consult our sales manager for sales materials such as product parameters and configurations

  • 14. What are the specifications of product accessories?


    Please consult our sales manager for sales materials such as product parameters and configurations

  • 15. What brand of high pressure solenoid valve is used?


    Please consult our sales manager for sales materials such as product parameters and configurations

  • 16. Is there an electric control box?


    Dream's screw type medium and high pressure micro-oil screw compressor is an integral box structure, and customers only need to connect to the power supply to use

  • 17. What material is the piston made of?


    Dream's screw type medium and high pressure micro-oil screw compressor uses a two-stage compression twin-screw main engine to compress gas without pistons.

  • 18. Will it explode? With such a high pressure


    All the keys, flanges and pressure vessels in the unit are manufactured in accordance with the requirements of the national standard, and there is no such risk

  • 19. Is it controlled by PLC?


    The control system of the unit is a PLC intelligent controller with man-machine communication interface.

  • 20. Can the exported machine provide detailed product information, certificates, and installation instructions in English?


    Most of the bottle blowing related information will be placed in the random parts box

  • 21. Do I need to add a cold dryer to remove water between the first and second levels? How does the Dream medium compressor solve the problem of condensed water in the system?


    There is no need to add a cold dryer to remove water between the first and second stages. Condensed water is generated in the system because the temperature of the compressed air in the compressor is lower than the pressure dew point, and the water vapor in the compressed air condenses into liquid water, which causes the air compressor oil to emulsify and deteriorate, causing other failures. In the design of the Dream medium compressor, the various conditions analyzed by the water are fully considered, and the temperature of the compressed air has been maintained above the dew point temperature, so that the generation of condensed water is fundamentally avoided; compared to the inter-stage cooling and drying The machine method can solve the problem more fundamentally, and the system is more reasonable and there are fewer failures.

  • 22. What is the difference between the medium pressure machine and the normal pressure screw machine?


    The Dream DR(V)-Z medium pressure machine is a standardized model. The operation is basically the same as that of the atmospheric screw machine. It does not require personnel on duty and has a complete automatic control system. In use, pay attention to the reasonable matching of gas storage tanks and post-processing equipment, timely maintenance, and use of original accessories.

  • 23. What are the advantages of Dream medium pressure machine compared with piston machine?


    1. Under the same displacement and pressure, the Dream screw press has a smaller size and a smaller footprint.
    2. The screw press is easy to install and use, with low noise, low vibration and high reliability.

    3. The screw intermediate compressor has fewer wearing parts, low maintenance cost and long service life.

  • 24. What is the parameter range of DR(V)-Z medium pressure machine?


    The power range of this series of medium presses is 18.5KW-280KW, and the pressure is divided into five levels: 2MPA, 2.5MPA, 3MPA, 3.5MPA, and 4MPA. The pressure segments corresponding to different powers are slightly different, please consult the parameter table or call for details.

  • 25. What air end is used? Is a booster used?


    The two-stage compression air end is used, and the air end allocates the compression ratio reasonably through careful design to meet the pressure needs. Different from the usual design method of compressor and supercharger in the market, our company's medium-pressure screw compressor does not use a supercharger, thus avoiding the common problems such as oil leakage of the shaft seal of the supercharger.

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