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Belt Drive Screw Air Compressor

Model:DM-A Series; Brand: Dream

Rated Power: 5.5~37KW

Air Capacity: 0.46~6.08m³/min

Working Pressure: 0.8~1.6MPa

Product Features

■ Durable air end: efficient and stable

■ IE3 motor, save your electricity bill, IP54, Class B temperature rise is suitable for heavy dust, high temperature and other harsh environments;

■ Multiple noise reduction design, calculated according to noise science, internal paste special flame-retardant sound-absorbing cotton, reduce the noise of the unit, and provide a quieter use environment

■ Use rubber hoses to connect in multiple places, the pipelines are resistant to shrinkage, expansion, and vibration, avoiding long-term use of vibration and causing loosening and oil leakage. At the same time, it is more convenient to replace and disassemble during maintenance.

■ The oil and gas separation barrel specially designed according to the actual working conditions, through collision separation, centrifugal separation and gravity separation for triple separation, the initial separation effect is better, and the oil separation core has a longer service life under the same working conditions

■ Regular maintenance parts (three filters) adopt openable door panels, the installation position is easy to replace, and the maintenance is more convenient

■ The integrated cooler integrates oil cooling and after cooling, with faster cooling effect and convenient cleaning and maintenance;

■ Excellent belt drive design, convenient adjustment and maintenance;

■ Integrated cooler integrates oil cooling and after cooling;

■ Optimize the damping pad to reduce vibration and noise;

Durable, efficient and stable air end

Durable, efficient and stable air end

1. The design idea of "large rotor, large bearing, low speed" is adopted to reduce noise and vibration and increase the life and stability of the host.

2. The tooth surface is processed by the German KAPP rotor grinder to create a high-precision rotor, which is the first guarantee of high efficiency and stability of the air end.

3. Adopt a new type of 5: 6 asymmetric rotor tooth shape, high-precision three-coordinate measuring machine for comprehensive measurement, increase the air capacity by 5% -10%

4. All imported quality bearings are used.

Special motor for air compressor

Special motor for air compressor

1. Special motor for air compressor, imported brand bearings, protection class IP54, insulation class F, suitable for harsh environments such as heavy dust and high temperature;

2. IE3 high-efficiency motor uses less electricity and reduces your cost of use;

3. The motor design is designed according to a factor of 1.2, and the starting torque is large, which can meet the requirements of full life use under various working conditions;

Belt drive system

Belt drive system

1. Adopt German OPT toothed belt, with good synchronization and low noise.

2. High power transmission efficiency, wear resistance, and longer service life than standard special-grade belts.

3. Reliable structure design and convenient belt adjustment.

Stable and reliable electronic control system

Stable and reliable electronic control system

1. The control system has the functions of voltage detection, three-phase unbalance detection, overpressure, overtemperature, overload, and overrun alarm high alarm functions, real-time protection of the unit, automatic monitoring of operating conditions, automatic loading and unloading, sleep and restart And other functions, no need to be supervised by someone.

2. The standard Internet of Things system allows you to see the running status of your machine on your phone.

3. The intelligent control system can be set in both Chinese and English, and can realize the joint control of multiple units.

4. Choose high-quality electrical components, and the contactors are imported brands.

5. Emergency stop function, a push-type emergency stop switch is installed in a prominent position of the unit, and it can stop immediately in an emergency.

Inner rotor fan

Inner rotor fan

1. IP44 cooling fan, Class F insulation;

2. Compared with the outer rotor fan, the inner rotor fan has higher air pressure, more air volume, and better cooling effect;

3. Due to high wind pressure, the cooler and filter are less likely to be blocked

Three filters

Three filters

Air filter: the filter area exceeds 150% of the normal requirement, low the inlet pressure loss , and high energy efficiency ;

Oil filter: The design of the imported oil filter with enlarged glass fiber material is adopted. The rated processing capacity of the oil filter is ≥1.3 times of the circulating oil volume. The filtering accuracy is high and the durability is good.

Oil separator: imported glass fiber material oil core, good filtration effect, low oil core pressure loss.

Inlet valve

Inlet valve

Inlet valve: low flow speed test, low pressure loss, reduce energy consumption;

Minimum pressure check valve: low pressure loss, precise control, ultra-fast repositioning to ensure that the user's air does not return.

Temperature control valve: Mixed flow temperature control valve: The unit is equipped with a mixed flow temperature control valve to ensure that the unit is more convenient to start in a low temperature environment, and to ensure the unit is in the best performance state by controlling the oil supply temperature of the air end





  • 1. How often to replace the belt (after-sales service)


    Replace every 3000H when running under normal environment

  • 2. Is the belt drive dangerous?


    Every machine manufactured by Dream is passed a strict test process and then leaves the factory. The door is not allowed to be opened during the operation of the equipment.

  • 3. Routine maintenance to replace those materials


    Air filter, oil filter, oil separator, lubricating oil, motor grease, and belt are routine maintenance parts of air compressors and need to be replaced on time; the dust on the filter needs to be cleaned regularly during use.

  • 4. Brand (sales) of main engine, motor and other components


    The main engine is Dream's customized oil-injected lubricated twin-screw high-efficiency main engine, and the motor is a high-efficiency motor with secondary energy efficiency.

  • 5. Whether the belt is easy to break;


    The belts of all models are checked strictly according to the belt power.

  • 6. Specific description of noise, please watch video, etc. Description of unit noise


    Our model is a box-type structure, and there are silencer components on the inner surface to silence most of the main engine noise inside the unit. All units have strict belt installation steps and requirements to improve belt transmission efficiency and eliminate noise during belt transmission. The operating noise of the unit is low.

  • 7. Maintenance period, price, etc.


    Our random user manual provides a detailed description of maintenance parts, maintenance inspection parts, and maintenance cycles. Please consult Dream's sales manager for prices.

  • 8. If the protection level is not high, will the motor be bad?


    Our motors are high-efficiency motors with two-level energy efficiency, and the motor protection level is ≥IP54. Each unit is tested and passed a strict test process before being shipped.

  • 9. Can I buy maintenance accessories from the market for replacement?


    Please do not use maintenance parts that are not genuine from our company to avoid losing the quality assurance qualification. Non-our genuine maintenance parts may prevent the unit from operating normally.

  • 10. Customers feedback that the belt conveyor is noisy? How to reduce noise?


    Our model is a box-type structure, and there are silencer components on the inner surface to silence most of the main engine noise inside the unit. All units have strict belt installation steps and requirements to improve belt transmission efficiency and eliminate noise during belt transmission. The operating noise of the unit is low.

  • 11. Are all the manuals and certificates of the air compressor complete?


    All models will be shipped with user manuals, relevant pressure vessel certificates, and certificates. Please check the packing list carefully when receiving the goods.

  • 12. Can the mobile phone be controlled remotely?


    We have a cloud IoT system, which allows you to view unit operating information on your mobile phone.

  • 13. How much are the requirements for the ground load. Can it be placed on the second floor?


    Our unit is installed without foundation and only requires a flat and explained ground. We can provide the static load and dynamic load of the unit.

  • 14. What is the gas output of the machine


    Please check our catalog for parameters such as the displacement of the unit

  • 15. Is there a nationwide warranty?


    We have established branches across the country, covering provinces and cities across the country, and arrive at the scene within hours

  • 16. Why is Dream’s offer so expensive


    The price of a product includes the quality and service of the product. You need to compare not only the price, but also the quality and service.

  • 17. Which one is more stable, the one-body or the split-body laser machine?


    As long as the configuration is reasonable and the maintenance is normal, Dream's products can operate stably for a long time.

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