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How to maintain the air compressor?

April 06, 2021

Although the air compressor is an industrial product, it requires regular maintenance during use. Correct maintenance and maintenance play a key role in the service life and normal operation of the screw air compressor. How to maintain the air compressor? details as follows:

1. "Replacement of three filters", "Air filter element" is recommended to be replaced for 500 hours for the first time, and it is normally replaced every 1,000-1500 hours; "Oil filter element" is replaced for the first 500 hours, and is normally replaced every 1500-2000 hours; "Oil and gas separation Device "replacement, the normal service life is about 3000 hours;

2. Change the lubricant regularly. With the increase of the operating time of the machine, the lubricating oil continuously oxidizes with oxygen and continuously forms a large number of deposits. The lubricating performance will slowly decline and affect the machine operation. . The first oil replacement is performed after the running-in period of the new machine is 500 hours. After every 2000 hours of operation, the lubricant must be checked frequently during use. When the oil level is found to be too low, new oil must be replenished in time. Drain the condensed water. Generally, it is discharged once a week. It should be discharged in high temperature climate for 2-3 days. Non-original lubricating oil has poor anti-foaming property, which will generate a large amount of foam, so that the oil sub-core is immersed in the oil and gas mixture, which will affect the oil Separation effect, Demon air compressor recommends that you purchase lubricants from regular channels;

3. Belts and couplings are inspected regularly and maintained or replaced in time if there is looseness

4. Check the outlet temperature of the head, check the temperature control components and clean the radiator when necessary;

5. Regularly check the exhaust pressure, adjust the pressure switch, pressure regulator, and check and repair the system when abnormal;

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