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Punching and stamping machine

Model: 【DM-G series】

Brand: Dream

Rated Power: 7~250 KW

Air Capacity: 1.2-45.5 m3/min      

Working Pressure: 0.8~1.6Mpa

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Product features: ■Durable, efficient and stable air end. ■IE3 motor, save your electricity cost, IP54, Class B temperature rising motor is suitable for harsh environments such as with bad dust and high temperature. ■ Coupling connection, more energy saving. ■ Multiple noise reduction design, calculated according to noise theory, with special flame retardant muffler cotton inside to reduce unit noise and provide a quieter environment. ■ Independent air intake to make the cooling effect better. ■ Integrated cooler integrates oil cooling and after cooling. Adopt high-efficiency and low-noise internal rotor axial fan, with large cooling air flow, low noise, faster cooling effect, and convenient cleaning and maintenance. ■ Cyclone type internal and external oil separator design, improve the initial separation efficiency, winding oil design, low pressure loss, reduce air oil content, long service life; ■ The conventional maintenance parts (three filters) are all openable door panels, the installation position is easy to replace, and the maintenance is more convenient. ■ High-temperature shutdown protection. ■ Motor overload protection. ■ Overpressure safety decompression system. ■ Optimize the shock-absorbing pad to reduce vibration and noise. ■ Place electrical components and oil separator and filtration modules that are easily damaged by high temperature in the cold room, which improves the service life of the unit. ■Two-way pressure, one-way temperature control, more protection for series operation. ■The standard IoT system allows you to see the operation of your machine on your mobile phone.