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Current Position: Home > Air Treatment Equipment > High Temperature Refrigerated Air dryer(Air cooled)
High Temperature Refrigerated Air dryer(Air cooled)

Intake temperature: normal temperature type ≤80 ℃

Cooling method: air cooling

Intake pressure: 0.6 ~ 1.0Mpa

Pressure loss: ≤0.03MPa

Pressure dew point: 2 ~ 10 ℃

Refrigerant: R22 (optional for environmentally friendly refrigerant)

Ambient temperature: ≤38 ℃

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Air-cooled dryer parameters        
ModelAir handling capacity                        (Nm/min)Air handling capacity                        (cfm)Power supply                        (V/Hz)Compressor power                        (HP)Air connection pipe diameter                        (inch)Weight                        (Kg)Dimensions                        (mm)

Product features 1.Perfect cooling system configuration: ■ The key components of the machine are imported famous brand products, which ensure the treatment effect and the reliable operation and life of the system. ■ Cooling and air systems are calculated by experts, and the design parameters are reserved with a margin of more than 20%. 2.Thorough gas-liquid separation: ■ Using a filter-type gas-liquid separator, equipped with the US HANKISON filter element, the gas-liquid separation effect is thorough, avoiding the secondary evaporation of moisture, and ensuring the important role of the drying effect of the cold dryer. It has a higher separation efficiency than the cyclone separator. Efficiency reaches 99.99%. ■ The pipeline system adopts an inner galvanized copper tube, and the working pressure is 0.3-4.5MPa. ■ Stainless steel pipe is selected, suitable for medicine, food industry, acid, alkali, and corrosion resistance. ■ The air heat exchanger adopts full corrugated copper tubes on the inner and outer walls to increase the utilization rate of cooling capacity, counter-flow structure, good temperature return, and no condensation ■ The evaporator is a hydrophilic treatment thin-walled copper tube with pure aluminum fins, and the heat transfer efficiency of the turbulence structure is high. 3.Excellent sewage treatment system: ■ The structure of the air dryer adopts three or more levels of drainage, which can effectively discharge a large amount of condensate and oil pollution in a timely manner, thereby ensuring the cleanness and drying of the system and air and reducing the load of the system. ■ Various forms (single, set, joint control, PC board, Vary frequency, etc.) of the control circuit are suitable for different users. ■ Outer rotor cooling fan, large air volume, low noise, frequent start and stop, and long life. ■ The water condenser is a low-fin copper tube, with slow water flow and multi-stroke, high heat exchange efficiency, and it is not easy to scale in long-term use. ■ Armstrong foam flame-retardant insulation material, the least cooling loss.