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Compressor accessories market trends
TIME:2017-04-26    FROM:德蒙空压机

According to incomplete statistics, China's Combined Air Compressor parts market each year about 30 billion.

According to incomplete statistics, China's Combined Air Compressor  parts market each year about 30 billion. Now, in addition to energy-saving products, some large manufacturers, especially the distribution of more agents, to the profit growth point in the original parts sales, a number of companies launched their own accessories mall. In theory, the brand manufacturers sell a large number of compressor machine, these devices in their product life cycle will continue to consume parts, it will be a rigid demand, if you maintain the original parts, you can brand manufacturers Bring sustained profits.
Accessories market in general is a market after the compressor, compressor surplus in the era of excess sales opportunities for new machines to tighten. Even with permanent magnet inverter, two compression as the representative of the leading energy-efficient products replacement, but after all, the absolute growth of the compressor has just been slowed down, machine sales market growth is limited. Therefore, after-sales service and accessories market has become the focus of the industry. Then, after the compressor parts market will show how the development trend?
 Before we talk about the market trend of the compressor parts market, we need to understand the background of the compressor spare parts market. As we all know, air compressor is a kind of assembly machine. In other words, most of the air compressor factory in general does not produce spare parts; its spare parts (such as: lubricants, filters, etc.) purchased in the spare parts suppliers, that is, the so-called OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer )Manufacturing process.
Stand in their respective positions, the compressor manufacturers (whether foreign, domestic, or large enterprises, small businesses) want to increase sales of original parts, professional parts companies are also trying to defend their interests in the accessories sales. This will be the formation of parts of the war, the brand is like a high-end enterprises in the city, parts enterprises like grounding gas in rural areas, is surrounded by rural cities or urban rural areas? this is a problem. In order to facilitate the distinction, this article will be provided by the compressor parts manufacturers said the original parts, non-original parts of unification as professional accessories.
Variable Frequency Air Compressor  sales is a comprehensive service, accessories sales enterprises to make money there are three models: the first model is the service, parts sales to the customer after the use of feedback processing, the more timely the more able to win the trust of customers. The second model is the credit support, accessories, sales of the final customers are mainly industrial and mining enterprises, these enterprises receivables (popular speaking is the credit) has become the industry norm, there are accounts of accessories sales phenomenon, there will certainly account There is interest. The third model is the scale effect, bulk purchase price is low, sporadic selling price is high, in order to make money. These three models only one form of expression, that is, buy low sell high margin.

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